Sunday, September 11, 2011

San Francisquito – Sept 3-5, 2011

We had an east wind and sailed most of the 41 miles to San Francisquito in 8 hours. It was very choppy around the point, but calmed down as we entered the bay. We heard our name called over the radio. It was ‘Firefly’ anchored in the left side of the bay. We had expected to see them further north, but were excited to catch up with them so soon. We motored over and anchored next to them. That night, we had cocktails, fixed a little dinner and caught up with what they have been doing in the sea for the last 6 weeks.
Hotel California and Firefly at anchor
The next afternoon, ‘Just a Minute’ came into the bay with Partick, Laura, 13 year old Jack and Rudy, their dog aboard. They are on a catamaran with a low draft, so they motored right into the inner bay which looks very shallow, but is a beautiful place. They invited Firefly and us over for cocktail hour which lasted until after dark.
Patrick, Laura, Brenda, Pam and Rudy on 'Just a Minute'

Firefly was leaving to cross the sea to San Carlos the next morning, so we said our good-byes and made plans to meet again in Puerto Refugio in a few weeks.
San Francisquito

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