Sunday, September 9, 2012

Bay of Los Angeles Area – August 29 – Sept 9, 2012

Lately, we have been hanging around the Bay of Los Angeles Area. Going back and forth between La Mona, La Gringa, the Village and Los Rocas. We have been trying to hide from the wind and find places to catch fish. We attended the only Full Moon party of the year at La Gringa on August 31. I was a judge of the floats in the floaty party. We had some unusual floats and even the BofLA Olympic Synchronized Swimmers. Later, we had a pot luck on the beach, presented the awards and watched the moon rise.
The  Village in the Bay of LA

A Storm Coming Across the Bay

The Judges, Terry, Tom and Pam

Floaties in the Lagoon

The Synchronized Swimmers
Beach Pot Luck

Tomorrow is the Net Controllers Party at a Restaurant in the Village. After that, we will head further north in the sea. We should be gone for a few weeks with no internet or phone.

La Mona – August 28 -29, 2012

We had a nice sail into the Bay of LA and over to La Mona where we anchored of the USS Minnow. We had a game of Baja Rummy scheduled for 3:30 on our boat, but the wind picked up and we had a light chubasco instead. Dinghy up, shades down and everything secured for the night. We’ll have to re-schedule the game. It lasted about an hour and a half and all was calm. About 11:30 at night another one came thru. I think it was a bit stronger with a lot of lightning.
We are off for the village in the Bay of LA to go shopping today.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Bahia Las Rocas, Isla Coronados – August 25-28, 2012

Finally a place to catch fish! Rick has been getting fish everyday. Yellowtail and Grouper. He goes out in the dinghy and is back in 45 minutes with fish for the day. He’s using a pole, rather than spearing them.
Small Yellow Tail

Rick's Catch

The Fishing Spot
We’ve been doing a lot of snorkeling around the rocks here. Yesterday, we played Bocci Ball on the beach with ‘Interabang’. Fun, but it was hot! We cleaned the bottom of the boat. Tomorrow we are moving into the Bay of LA to La Mona.

Puerto Don Juan – August 24-25, 2012

We came into Don Juan Friday morning and were surprised to see a Mexican Navy camp on the beach where we had our pot luck last year. So far our weather has been very mild, no strong winds or chubascos. This is a hurricane hole, very well protected, so if anything comes up, it’s a good place to be.
The Navy Camp in Don Juan

Hotel California and Interabang

We still didn’t find any fish, but the claming on the careening beach is great. Trisha made bread and cooked up the clams.
The Clams

El Quemado – August 22-24, 2012

We finally caught up to ’Interabang’ with Trisha and Derrick on board. We delivered all their purchases from the states. It was like Christmas as they opened all the boxes. Derrick has a lot of projects ahead of him. But first we had to play Baja Rummy. I think they have been practicing, Derrick won 2 games in a row. It is getting very competitive around here!
Pam, Trisha and Derrick Playing Baja Rummy
There is a pod of dolphin in this bay that we see everyday. The guys haven’t had much luck fishing here, so we are moving to Don Juan.

Bahia Las Animas – August 21-22, 2012

On the way north, we wanted to stop at Animas Slot. It is a small anchorage with room for one boat, maybe 2 if you squeeze in. There was already a boat there, so we went around the corner to the east anchorage of Bahia Las Animas. We only planned to spend one night. We want to head north and catch up to ‘Interabang’.

San Francisquito – August 19-21, 2012

Rick caught a fish on the way to San Francisquito, but it was a skip jack, not good eating, so he thru it back. 

The Skip Jack Rick thru back

We went thru the little passage and into the inner harbor at San Francisquito. It was flat calm in there. We were the only boat in the inside anchorage. We had ‘Dad’s Dreams’ over for chicken enchiladas. We spent 2 nights there and saw a lot of small rays swimming around the boat.
Gizmo Sleeping on Deck with the Entrance to the Inner Harbor.

Rays Swimming Around the Boat

Sunset in San Francisquito

The Entrance to the Inner Bay with a Ray in the Water

Puenta Trinidad – August 18-19, 2012

Rather than doing an over nighter to San Francisquito, we stopped for the night at Trinidad. ‘Dad’s Dreams’ left just before us and we caught up to them when they stopped to reel in a Dorado. They invited us for dinner. The Dorado was great in ceviche and on the grill. Tomorrow we will have them over to our boat in San Francisquito.
Sunset in Trinidad

'Dad's Dreams' at Trinidad

Santa Rosalia – August 10-18, 2012

The car was loaded with all the things we bought and the orders from other cruisers. We got back to Santa Rosalia and the boat Thursday evening. Unloaded everything, and Rick drove the rental car back to Loreto. 

While we were home, Rick had surgery on his finger to remove a lump. It isn’t looking very good, so we sent pictures to his doctor. Turns out it is supposed to look this way.
Rick's Finger, after Surgery

We spent the next week doing projects, provisioning and getting the boat ready to head north for a few months. We spent time with Conner and Laena on ‘Moondance’ and Paul and Judy of ‘Grace’. We also hung out with Rick and Brenda from ‘Dad’s Dreams’.  A chubasco came thru with light winds. (34 Knots) I’m glad we were in the marina and tied to the dock. 

Then we had rain for 2 days. It doesn’t rain much here, so the town is not ready for all the water. The streets flood and everyone stays inside. We had shopping to do, so of course we were out in it. We came across a family cooking in their front yard, under a tent. They invited us in to eat with them. Delicious chicken and beef tacos with all the fixings. It turns out it was the Mothers birthday, so they were celebrating.
Heading to Town in the Rain.

Rick at the BBQ

Pam at the BBQ

The rains stopped and the clouds cleared out, so it is finally time to leave the slip.
Leaving the Dock at Santa Rosalia

Visit Home – July 13 – August 9, 2012

Once again, we rented a car and drove home. The most exciting part of the trip was forgetting to get gas in Guerrero Negro and realizing we weren’t going to make it to the next gas station 100 miles away. We turned around hoping to find gas on the way back. We stopped and asked about gas at a few houses and finally found a small teinda with gas in drums in the back of the truck. The owner transferred it for us, we paid him and were on our way. We learned to always fill up in Guerrero Negro, it’s a long way to the next gas station. But in Mexico, there is always a way to fix any problem.

Problem Solved

We made it home in 2 days and spent the next 3 weeks visiting with family and friends and buying things we can’t get in Mexico.
We spent time with our parents and kids. We enjoyed a BBQ and swim party at my niece April’s new house. 
Hanging out in Buzz and April's pool

Caviar Tasting, Rick and Kristy

Rick, Pam and Dave at Michelle's
Another night, we had a Caviar and Vodka tasting at Michelle’s. There was also an awesome dinner. 

One week-end, most of the family went to Lake Don Padro for the day. We had 3 boats and a ton of people. The lake water is so low.

Pam and Rachel

Near the end of our visit, we had a family BBQ at the house with all the kids and grandkids. We sure miss them when we’re gone.
Kevin at the Grill

Jaden, Noah and Rachel in the Backyard

Kodi and Pam

A few of the Grandkids, Maddi, Bailey and Carson