Tuesday, September 27, 2011

La Gringa – Sept 11 – 14, 2011

We pulled up anchor early to get across the bay to the village. We had to get fuel, groceries and an internet connection before we traveled north a few miles to La Gringa. Rick and Patrick took the jerry cans and hitched a ride with a friend of Patrick’s in his pick-up to the Pemex station outside of town. He also stopped at the liquor store so they could buy cases of beer. It’s a good thing they got a ride, it would be too heavy to carry these things.  The village is a small town with a few restaurants and stores. Laura, Jack and I found a restaurant with internet and checked e-mail and uploaded the blog. We didn’t see much of the village because we were trying to get to the Full Moon Party at La Gringa.
We left by 2:00 and anchored in La Gringa. We dinghy’ed over to the South America talk at 4:30 that Herme from ‘Iwa’ gave. We joined about 12 other dinghies and were there about 10 minutes when someone on one of the nearby boats yelled “Here comes the wind”. Everyone looked out and saw the Chubasco coming our way. All the dinghies left immediately for their boats and prepared for the winds. They blew for about an hour and a half at up to 35 knots. Right before dark, the wind stopped and a rainbow came out. It was a calm night.
The Rainbow during the Storm
During the Chubasco

Calm after the Storm

Monday was the Full Moon Party. There was a floaty party in the lagoon and most of the cruisers made great costumes. We also learned how to dig for treasures from the sea. They had judges for the floaties and the awards ceremony was after the pot luck that night on the beach. The weather cooperated and it was a great day and night.

Crusiers at the Floaty Party

More Costumes

Digging for Treasures for Dinner

Jack winning an Award

The next morning, I made a heavier snubber for the anchor. We were a little worried about ours breaking during the Chubasco. Rick went up the mast to change our wind indicator. It is nice to know where the wind is coming from and how strong it is, especially in a Chubasco. He took a few pictures of all the boats in the bay for the Full Moon Celebration. They will all be going in different directions after this. We plan to head further north tomorrow.
The New Snubber

A shot of the Bay from the Top of the Mast

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