Monday, June 17, 2013

June 8 – 9, 2013 Secret Cove on Danzante

Milagro went into Porto Escondido for internet and we decided to go to Danzante. We looked at Honeymoon Cove, but there were a few boats there and the wind was from the south so we went to the Secret Cove. We’ve never been here, but heard about it from other cruisers. When we arrived there was one other boat there. It looked to shallow. We decided to leave just as they called us on the VHS and told us there was room in front of them. We went into 9 feet of water and dropped the hook. We had a very nice night here. In the morning the bees arrived so we left for Candelaros.
Secret Cove Caves on Shore

Rick Relaxing

Flat Water in the Morning

A Mushroom Rock on Danzante

June 7 – 8, 2013 Coronados

Friday morning we headed south 19 miles to Isla Coronados and anchored in the west anchorage. There were 6 other boats in the southern part of the bay, but we went into the north. Later, they told us there were too many bees where we were. We didn’t see any, but we were only staying one night. Milagro wanted to head someplace where they could get internet reception. In the morning we took off with Milagro and John on Coral Rose stayed here to hang out with some of the other boats for a few days. We will meet up with him later.

June 5 – 7, 2013 La Ramada

This is a great little anchorage. After 45 miles in 8 hours, we stayed here a couple of nights and snorkeled both days. The water is colder than it was on our way north. The first night, Milagro had us all over for Cottage Pie. It was very good, I’ll have to make this. John on Coral Rose spent the next day cooking jambalaya. This was very good also, but too much work for me. I’m glad John invites us over when he makes it!
Coral Rose, Milagro and Hotel California
John went fishing the next morning and caught a small yellowtail. He didn’t want to clean it so he brought it to Rick. Rick cleaned it and we had John over for dinner that night. Yellowtail is one of our favorites.
John and his Yellowtail

Hotel California in La Ramada

June 4 – 5, 2013 Santa Domingo, Concepcion Bay

We motored and sailed for 5 and a half hours south to the beginning of Concepcion Bay and anchored at Bahia Santa Domingo for the night. Dolphins followed us for a while and I can’t help but take pictures of them every time I see them. Michael and Judy on Milagro got pictures of us as we sailed south to La Ramada the next day.
Leaving Sana Domingo

Sailing South

Auto Pilot is Great!

Dolphin Close-up

More Dolphin

Rick Checking the Sails

June 3 – 4, 2013 Sweet Pea, San Marcos

Milagro, Coral Rose and Hotel California left Santa Rosalia around noon after washing off the boats for the last time until La Paz. We headed out to San Marcos Island to the anchorage called Sweet Pea. It was a very calm night with no wind and we woke up to fog in the morning. It felt like we were back in San Francisco Bay, except it was warm! Judy from Milagro got some great photos of the rays jumping. They do this all the time only we can never get pictures of them. Well, we finally have proof. We motored out of the fog and into the bright sunshine on our way south.
A Calm Evening


Rays Jumping near Coral Rose

Judy's Photo of the Ray and Hotel California

Coming out of the Fog!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

May 23 – June 3, 2013 Santa Rosalia

We left Bahia Concepcion Thursday morning and traveled 48 miles to Santa Rosalia. It is not as hot as it has been in previous years. We don’t have the big shade up and some days we don’t run the air conditioner! This is as far north in the sea as we will go this trip. From here it is a slow trip south to La Paz.
Santa Rosalia - Hotel California next to Milagro
As usual there are many great places to eat in Santa Rosalia. The first night was the world famous bacon wrapped hot dogs. Yummm. We had a large crowd of gringos there that night.
Bacon Wrapped Hot Dogs
The next morning it was fish tacos on the street. Love those shrimp tacos!! That evening we had a dock party between ‘Moontide’ and ‘Taleon’. Great food and drinks and we watched the full moon come up.
The Best Fish Tacos in Santa Rosalia

Dock Party

The next day was Rick’s birthday. First we had Martini’s on Full Shell, then the whole gang went to El Muelle for dinner. Rick is 62 and is celebrating big because he can collect SS!

Martini's on Full Shell with Eric, Marilyn  and Michael

Pam and Rick at a baby's Christening

The Gang on the way to Rick's birthday dinner

Deciding where to sit

Ready to eat

Must be Tequila!

Dinner at last!  With Patsy, Joanne, Eric, Marilyn and Rick

We’ve gone out to eat almost everyday in this town. Hot dogs, pizza, Chinese food, Georges burgers, Terco’s Chicken Place and also Splash and Thrifty’s Ice Cream. We better get out of here soon!


June 1 is Marina Day, like the US Memorial Day. Santa Rosalia celebrates big time. Carnival with bands that play all night. Crowning of the Queen and Princess. Tours of the Navy ship and the ferry.
Rick with the Queen

Marina Days

June 1 National Marina Day, there Memorial Day

The ambulance I had a ride in a couple of years ago

June 1 we also celebrated Marilyn and John’s birthday. The gang went to Terco’s for a great meal. After dinner, Full Shell and Mimiya left for San Carlos. We won’t see them again till next year.

We have provisions and it is time to get out of Santa Rosalia. One more stop at the hot dog stand and we will be on our way south in the morning.
George's Burgers on the street
A Metro Pizza at Muelle's
A Sewing Project Upstairs
Marilyn's Birthday Drinks on Hotel California
The birthday Kids, Marilyn and John
Marilyn and Johns Birthday Dinner at Tercos
John Showering in his Cockpit

May 20 – 23, 2013 Coyote, Concepcion Bay

 After climbing the hill at El Burro, we moved the boats 3 miles into the bay to Playa Coyote. This is the anchorage where we have always seen whale sharks and they were here everyday. We spent a lot of time hanging around with them. Chip from ‘Miss Teak’ and Michael from ‘Milagro’ swam with them.
Anchorage at Coyote

Pam on her 8 1/2 ' kayak. Not sure how big this shark is??

Pam and Rick with the Whale Shark

Chip from 'Miss Teak' Swimming with the Whale Shark
Michael from 'Milagro' Swimming with the Shark. He got hit by the tail.

It was Monday, so we all went to ‘Moontide Monday’. This is a pot luck on the catamaran ‘Moontide’. There were at least 18 people aboard, we even made it into ‘Lectronic Latitudes’. You can see it here.
Even Geary, our trusted weather guru of the Sea of Cortez came to the party.

 'Moontide Monday'

Pot Luck on Moontide

The next morning, Judy, Michael, Rick and I decided to hitch a ride to the nearest town, Mulege. We hung out on Highway 1 for about a half hour before a truck stopped. Keith, Dena and Kelly had been to El Burro to get Kelly’s stingray bite looked at. They gave us a ride to their house in Posada and then into Mulege. We couldn’t believe it when they said they lived in Manteca just off Austin Road. What a small world! While we were in Mulege, we used the internet and phone, then had lunch at Danny’s Taco stand.  Keith gave us a ride all the way back to our dinghies. Great people.

Internet Cafe in Mulege
Downtown Mulege
Lunch at Danny's

More Whale Shark

Up Close Whale Shark Gills
 We spent the next couple of days hanging out with the whale sharks, then it was time to leave Concepcion and head to Santa Rosalia.
Hotel California with the shades up
Gizmo Relaxing