Sunday, March 18, 2012

Back in the States - Jan 4 – Mar 14, 2012

We made it to Sacramento and Rick’s Dad is in serious condition. The doctors have done a lot for him and it looks like he will be OK. He’ll be moved to a convalescent hospital next week, where he will stay for 8 weeks to receive antibiotics. Rick’s Mom needs help, so we are staying with her while his Dad is in the hospital.
Rick and his Dad

We did get out once in a while to see some family and friends and I went to see my Mom for a while. Rick’s Dad was released February 25 so we scheduled our return to La Paz for March 14.

Dinner at Michele's

While we were home we had a nice dinner with Dave and Michele, went wine tasting with Kellie, Sherry, Jamie, April and Buzz. We also had a couple of dinners with my brother Dale, Helen, Kellie and Sherry. We saw the grandkids and celebrated 4 of their birthdays. Just before we left we visited with Gary and Kathy, then met up with Dale and Dena from ‘Double Dharma’. It was a long stay and we are ready to be back on the boat!
Wine Tasting with Kellie and Sherry in Lodi

April and Jamie wine tasting

The Group at our last stop

Jamie lighting the candles on Carson (6) and Bailey's (4) Princess Cakes

Celebrating Landon's 4th Birthday

New Years Eve – Dec. 31, 2011

Bocci Ball with La Paz in the Background
 The weather was beautiful in La Paz, so we went across the bay to the Mogote with the crew of ‘Just a Minute’ for a game of Bocci Ball. Rudy had a great time running thru the water chasing anything that moved. By the time we got back to the boat we had 3 messages from family about Ricks Dad. It wasn’t good. He had been taken to the hospital by ambulance. Rick made plans to fly home Wednesday, Jan. 4.

Jack and Patrick Playing Bocci Ball

Pam and Laura on the Shipwreck

Since there wasn’t any more we could do, we continued with our plans and went to the movies at the new theater in town. The theater is very nice! We watched the new Sherlock Holmes in English. On the way back to the marina we stopped at our favorite hotdog and hamburger place, Gina’s. We ate too much as usual. Patrick and Laura came to the boat for cocktails and Rummykub. A great way to bring in the New Year.
The Gang in the Theater Lobby

Waiting for the Movie to Begin

The next day, Rick’s Dad had gotten worse and the doctor said he wasn’t sure he’d make it until Rick arrived. We decided he would be there awhile, so Rick bought tickets for me and Gizmo. We all leave Wednesday. We have 2 days to get the boat ready to leave it for a while. We’ll have friends in the marina check on it while we are gone. Steve and Marsha are driving us to Cabo to catch our flight. We arrive in San Francisco about 7:30 pm and won’t get to Sacramento until 10:00 pm. Rick won’t see his Dad until Thursday.