Monday, June 18, 2012

Isla Coronados – June 14 – 17, 2012

On our way to Isla Coronados, we came across a lot of pangas fishing for Yellowtail. In Loreto, we had seen truck loads of Yellowtail the day before, so we knew they were running. This must be the spot to catch them. We shut the boat off and through a line in. We fished for about an hour and didn’t catch anything, so we pulled in the lines and headed into the anchorage.
Pangas Fishing for Yellowtail
 ‘Interabang’ with Trisha and Derrik and ‘Seychelles’ with John and Nikki were anchored there. ‘True Companion’ with Gravel and Natalie came in later. We all met on the beach the next day and planned a cocktail party for that evening on the beach.

Leaving Hotel California in the Anchorage
We really wanted some tuna, so we went out to the fishing spot on ‘True Companion’. We fished for a while. Fishing is harder than it looks when you have to throw the line out and reel it in as fast as you can, over and over. With no fish in sight, we soon tired of this.  We saw a couple pangas heading to Loreto, so Rick waved them over.

 Sure enough, they had plenty of Yellowtail. $200 pecos ($14 US) got us a big Yellowtail. Gravel cleaned it on the deck and we took some to the cocktail party, along with a story of how we brought it on board. When they asked for details we had to tell them we bought it.
Tuna on the Boat!!!

Gravel Filleting the Fish

When all the food was gone, we had a good game of liars dice. The wind was kicking up and we all had a wet ride back to the boats.
Liars Dice at the Palapa

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Loreto - June 12 – 14, 2012

The bees were getting to be too much, so we left Monserrate and sailed over to Loreto. On the way we saw a large pod of dolphins.
So Many Dolphin
 We anchored in front of the Mission Hotel and had a very calm day and night. We went to shore and met Jesse, a friend of Patrick and Laura’s. He had a truck and ran us around to provision and find restaurants to eat at. That’s what we do when we get to a city.
The Mission Hotel from the Boat

Hotel California and Just a Minute from the Mission Hot

By the next afternoon, the wind picked up and we had a rough night. We didn’t get much sleep. We left in the morning for Isla Coronados and ‘Just a Minute’ headed south for Nopolo. They may be on their way back to La Paz??

Lobster Nursery – June 11, 2012

Jack found an area just off the beach in Monserrate that had a lot of baby lobster. He took us there and showed us where they were hiding. He picked up a rock and one would be hiding, it would scurry backward and try to get back under the rock. They were only about 3” long and the colors were so bright.
Baby Lobster

It looks soo big.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Monserrate June 7 – 12, 2012

Dolphin Under the Dinghy

We have never been here before, but it is a beautiful anchorage. The cliffs are yellow, the bottom is sandy with rocks close to shore for the fish to hide in. It is a protected park, so no fishing. Our first morning here we took the dinghy out and were surrounded by pods of dolphin. Amazing.

That night we learned how to make stuffed clams on ‘Brandywine’ with Kenny and Nancy. I’ll have to try this.

Yellow Cliffs at Monserrate

The next morning Rick did his first net on the Amigo Net. He did a good job. He also cleaned the bottom of the boat with his new Hooka, it seemed to work OK. It is better than free diving it.

The next day ‘Just a Minute’, ‘Eyoni’, ‘Eagle’, ‘Brandywine’ and us, had a huge game of bocce on the beach.

My Cocktail Overlooking the Beach

Escondido June 7, 2012

We sailed to Escondido with 'Full Shell' to do some much needed laundry and to check on our refund from the haul out. The laundry went fine, the refund, not so good. Maybe another week??? We are not too happy with Escondido, so we are heading out to Monserrate. 'Full Shell' headed north. Once they were out of sight, we remember that we hadn't gotten my wetsuit from Marilyn. Hopefully, they will meet up with someone we know to pass it on to before they head across the sea.
The Marina at Escondido

Candeleros Again! June 3 – 7, 2012

Full Moon Over Candeleros Resort
Once again, we are back in Candeleros, but I’m not complaining! This time we came to meet up with ‘Full Shell’ to get my wetsuit that Marilyn borrowed, and for phone and internet. We spent our days swimming in the bay and the pool. Of course we had to go to the teinda to provision. One day we had a group at the  beach palapa for  fish tacos.
From the Beach Palapa

Fish Tacos on the Beach

We spent more days at the resort pool and happy hour with all the cruisers. Rick found one of the entertainment people’s Mexican Helmets. He put it on and wore it out of the resort. On the way out, a Guard stopped him and talked into his radio in Spanish. Rick couldn’t tell if he wanted the helmet back or not. Finally, the Guard let him go. Rick gave the helmet to Jerry on ‘Moshulu’ to return.

Rick and the Guard talking about the Helmet

Rick leaving the Resort with the Mexican Helmet

Tuesday night we were invited to ‘Moshulu’ for cocktails along with ‘Full Shell’ and ‘Wild Rose’. It was a late evening and we all had a good time with our wonderful host, Jerry. The next morning we were heading off to Escondido.

Aqua Verde - June 1 -3, 2012

First thing Friday morning the wind starting blowing from the south and we had white caps in the bay. We pulled anchor and headed north to Aqua Verde. A lot of boats are planning to meet up there, so it should be quite a party.

‘Third Day’ came across from Mazatlan, ‘Eyoni’ and ‘Interabang’ came north from La Paz, ’Eagle’ and ‘Casasa’ came south from Candeleros. We all met up on ‘Just a Minute’ for a party Friday night. A great time was had by all.
The Anchorage from across the Bay in Aqua Verde

The next day, Nancy from ‘Eyoni’ organized a fun walk to the caves with paintings up in the mountains on the north side of the Aqua Verde. 11 of us went and it was a long hike. Across a mountain, past the graveyard, thru the palms and across the river. Then we made it to the beach. We walked the beach for about 1 and a half miles and we could see the caves up on the mountain. By the time we got part way up the mountain, I had had enough, so I waited while the rest of the group climbed the mountain to go into the caves. They came back with pictures of bats and amazing cave paintings. Now we get to walk back. By now a few of us have blisters and broken shoes. It was a great hike, but next time Nancy says a fun walk, I’ll know what she means.
Visiting the Graveyard

Through The Palms and Across The River

Down the Beach to the Caves in the Mountain

Bats in the Caves

It is time to move on. I think most of us are heading for Candeleros.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Bahia San Marte – May 26 – June 1, 2012

‘Just a Minute’ is in San Marte, so Full Shell and us headed 20 miles south to meet them. Since we are just hanging around in the sea for the summer, we are no hurry to get anyplace north yet. We aren’t sure how long ‘Just a Minute’ plans to stay this summer, as their boat is for sale and they are going back to the states.
'Full Shell' Sailing to San Marte

'Just a Minute' in San Marte

After anchoring, the guys went snorkeling and the girls walked the beach looking for shells. Our first evening was spent on Full Shell with cocktails and sushi prepared by ‘Just a Minute’. It was delicious.
Sushi at Sea
After hanging around in this calm anchorage for almost a week, Full Shell decided to head north. We stayed a few more days and enjoyed a dinghy trip to the sea cave at Ensenada la Ballena, a couple of miles south from here. It is so big, we took both dinghy’s into the cave. Snorkeling around this area is amazing. We planned to move the big boats down here to do some diving, but the south wind came up, so we are heading north.
The Sea Cave at Ensenada la Ballena
The Cave Entrance

Going into the Cave

Pam and Rick inside the Sea Cave

Outside of the Sea Cave

Candeleros – May 19 – 26, 2012

Back in paradise. We went to the pool everyday with Full Shell and Ed and Connie from ‘Sirena’ and Gary and Barbara from ‘Hurrah’. Hurrah has a cat onboard named Gizzmo, so they came over to meet our Gizmo and brought her a toy mouse. We went to ‘Hurrah’ and meet Gizzmo and gave him a toy ball.
The Gang at Happy Hour at the Pool

More Happy Hour

Barbara on 'Hurrah' with her Boat Cat 'Gizzmo'

Hotel California with the Sun Shades
It is warming up in the sea, so we put our sun shades up. It sure helps.

Rick at the Teinda
We just discovered the little teinda at the village here. Since there is a store to get food, I think we could stay in Candeleros forever.

The Resort
Full Shell helped Rick and I celebrate our anniversary with dinner at the fancy restaurant at the hotel. Steak, Lobster, Wine and dessert. Yumm. Afterwards, we relaxed by the fire pit.
Pam and Rick on our Anniversary

Marilyn, Eric and Rick by the Firepit

I guess there is always a little problem with paradise. We have had west winds blowing up to 30 knots during the last 2 nights here in this otherwise perfect spot. Makes it a little hard to sleep. We spent Friday here to celebrate Rick’s birthday with pizza at the resort, Full Shell, Moshulu, and Firefly joined us. We will make a move in the morning.
The Pizza Oven

Rick, Eric and Marilyn having Pizza on Rick's Birthday

A Hole in the Boat!– May 17 – 19, 2012

Paradise didn’t last long. Thursday morning Rick was checking the hose on the macerator thru hull, saw a little corrosion, twisted the hose and the ball valve broke off. Since this goes directly into the bottom of the boat, it was not good. He put his hand over the hole to stop the water from coming in and called for me to bring a wooden plug. He pounded in the plug and it stopped the water. It was a good thing we were only 7 miles from Escondido where there is a marina with a lift that can haul the boat. We went to Full Shell for breakfast, then they followed us into Escondido. When we arrived the lift was getting ready for us but we had to tie up to the fuel dock and pay first. It wasn’t an emergency so it was no problem. We paid the $300 to haul the boat, then decided Rick should go into Loreto and find the part he needed to fix it before we hauled out. We didn’t want to sit on the hard for a couple days waiting for parts. He got back about 3 and the yard closes at 4, so we decided to wait for morning to haul the boat. We spent the night at the dock and first thing in the morning, Rick started checking the thru hull. He found out the thru hull was fine and the rest of the ball valve would unscrew to be replaced by the new one. We didn’t need to change the thru valve after all. He decided to try this while we were in the water and it worked. We didn’t need to be hauled out. Now we are trying to get the $300 dollars back. Some things take a while in Mexico.
At the Dock in Escondido

We spent another night in Escondido on a mooring ball. We went into town to stock up on food and have lunch, then back to the resort in Candeleros.
Lunch Spot in Loreto

Back in Bahia Candeleros – May 16 – 17, 2012

Full Shell has just crossed the sea from Mazatlan and are heading into Candeleros. We met them there along with Di’s Dream and a lot of other boats. We’ve all been hanging out at the pool at Villa del Palmar. Couldn’t ask for a better place. Calm anchorage, cheap fish tacos on the beach, happy hour cocktails, hot tub, warm pool and fresh towels provided by the hotel. Life is good!
Rick, Pam, Eric, Marilyn, Roger and Di in the Hot Tub
The Hot Tub

Honeymoon Cove – May 15 – 16, 2012

Finally!  I have waited years to visit this cove. Steve and Marsha from ‘Spirit’ told us about this place years ago. They loved it here and I see why. It is a small anchorage with room for only a few boats at a time.
South Lobe of Honeymoon Cove

The northern lobe was occupied, so we anchored in the southern lobe with ‘Moshulu’. It was a tight fit, but Jerry was comfortable with us that close so all was good. We never touched, but came within 10 feet. That is close for boats. Dolphins came around during the night and we could hear them breathing beside the boat.
Anchored Close to 'Moshulu'