Monday, August 29, 2011

More of Our Trip Home

I got to spend a little time with my granddaughters. We went to lunch and shopping. Maddi, Carson and Bailey were so cute trying on sunglasses and hats. They love to poise.
Carson, Pam, Maddi and Bailey

Bailey, Maddi and Carson Shopping
The family at Jamie's

Jamie had the family over to her new house for Carne Asada. We had a lot of people, but her house and yard are huge!


Arlene, Rick and Gen on their Cat

The next week-end we were down at our old marina. We stayed on Glen and Arlene’s Cat, A G N Sea.
We saw a lot of friends and had a delicious crab dinner. Hopefully they will be down to La Paz in November.

Crab Dinner     Yummmmm

The Table
Sunday night, my brother Dale and sister-in-law, Helen had Rick and I, Sherry and Kellie over for a beautiful dinner. Whenever we go to Helen’s we know everything will be perfect and it was. She is such a great cook and hostess.

Kellie, Sherry, Helen and Pam

Rick and Dale

Visiting Home – July 14 – August 15, 2011

We were home for 5 weeks, but it went by so quick. Sherry had the family over Thursday night to say good bye to my nephew Tommy who was returning to Kuwait and hello to Rick and me.

Friday we spent the night at Thunder Valley Casino where the Rutabaga Boogie Band was having a reunion. What a fun night! So many of Rick’s friends from long ago were there.

We visited with both our parents quite a bit and met Rachel, Jaden and Landon for dinner.
Jaden, Rachel and Landon
Next we were off to Napa to visit a few wineries and spend a few nights with Dave Cramer at the house he is spending his time at. What a great view over the Silverado Golf Course.
View of the Napa Valley from Dave's Place
Gizmo relaxing
We used our old house, which Jen and Kevin are living in, as our home base. It was great to have a washing machine and dishwasher. Gizmo was very happy to have the run of the house.


That week-end we went to Lake Don Pedro with most of my family. There were 4 boats and about 30 people. It is very different being on a lake, rather than the ocean.
A day at the lake

Dave, Jodi and Rick

While we were visiting Rick’s parents, Dave Cramer called and said Jodi was flying in from New York. We went to his house in Carmichael to surprise her, while she was here for a short visit. It was good to see her. Maybe she will make it down to our boat someday.

Jodi, Pam and Dave in his wine cellar

Road Trip – July 12 – 13, 2011

We left Santa Rosalia in the rental car about 6:30am with Rick driving. We had Gizmo, our cat, and a friend, Steve from Kharisma riding along. The roads were great in most places. Sometimes we were slowed by constuction, but we made good time.
Cactus and rocks along the road

We drove all day and made it to the border in Tijuana about 5 that afternoon. Somehow we ended up in the lane for locales and the guard was not happy! We were sent to the inspection area where we waited for at least 2 hours. Rick was escorted into the office and told he could be fined $5000. He signed forms stating he knew next time he would get fined.

We finally made it to San Diego about 8, had dinner and spent the night at a hotel.

The next morning we met Sarah, Darrell and Sparky for burritos. They are spending the summer in San Diego, then heading south. We will see them in La Paz this winter.

We left San Diego about 10, dropped Steve off in Long Beach and made it to Manteca by 7:00. It was a long drive, but the car did just fine. Now we have room to take goodies back to Mexico.

Santa Rosalia - July 7 - 12, 2011

We are renting a car and driving back to California for a few weeks. We have been busy getting the boat ready in case any bad weather comes in while we are gone. Everything off the decks, sails stowed, extra dock lines added and all the windows covered. Hopefully, the boat will be fine until we get back.