Thursday, June 16, 2011

Santa Rosalia - June 1 – June 15, 2011

We all left early Wednesday morning to get to the marina in Santa Rosalia and into a slip for the first time in about 6 weeks. We pulled in about noon and were tying the boat up with help from the marina guys when the accident happened. I was getting lines out of the forward locker on the deck and didn’t bungee the door to the rail. The door slammed down on my big toe and almost cut it off. Susan and Brenda ran on deck to help me. The Mexican Navy was having a conference in the parking lot near the marina and 2 medics came down to help out. Next, they put me on a backboard, carried me up the ramp and into the ambulance. The hospital was a 5 minute ride up the hill. X-rays took 10 minutes, stitching the toe back together and putting a splint on the broken bones took about an hour, another 15 minutes to pay the $60 bill and we were back on the boat by 2:30. If I had to have an accident, I’m glad I was near such great help.

Eric and Brenda did an excellent job of being my doctor and nurse to change the bandages and clean up the wound. Rick and I couldn’t have done it without them.

Eric and Brenda changing the bandage

The Hospital


Relaxing with the foot elevated

That night was Marilyn’s birthday, so everyone went into town to a restaurant to celebrate. I stayed on the boat but, Rick took pictures and brought back some enchilada’s for me. Marilyn was all dressed up and looked so nice.

Happy Birthday Marilyn

Wheelchair ramps all over town.

About a week after the accident, I had my first outing into town in a wheelchair. This town is very wheelchair accessible, ramps everywhere. 

In the Wheelchair at the Hot Dog Stand

Bacon Wrapped Hot Dogs

Hot Dogs with the softest buns!

I’ve been out 3 or 4 times. Once to the Hotel Francis for breakfast then over to the Mining Museum. We’ve also been to a few restaurants around town, in the wheelchair.

Brenda and Pam at Hotel Francis for Breakfast

The Mining Museum

June 12, Monday, I got the stitches out. Not a fun day and the next day wasn’t  good either. I had quite a bit of pain. I’m sure it will get better soon. 2 more weeks of not walking on my foot to let the broken bones mend and the swelling go down. I’ve read many books and watched many movies while I’ve been stuck inside the boat. Thankfully we have air-conditioning.
Going into town for dinner

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Punta Chivato – May 31 – June 1, 2011

We left Bahia Concepcion and went north to Punta Chivato with Firefly and Full Shell. There is a hotel, nice houses and airstrip on this beach. We went to shore to check out the shell beach, have lunch at Julia’s and the nice hotel.

It took quite a while to find Julia’s, but after walking along the airstrip and asking many people, we found it. It was in her house with a beautiful garden out front. The tacos were great and the beer was cold.

Marilyn, Eric and Pam at Julia's
Rick, Brenda and Ted at Julia's eating Tacos

Posada de las Flores Pool overlooking the boats
Next we headed over to the hotel and ended up in the Army headquarters. They were not happy that we were there. They showed us the way out and made sure we left. We finally made it up the hill to the Posada de las Flores Hotel overlooking the bay and sea. The hotel is beautiful and there were only 2 guests there. It is low season and they close in mid August for hurricane season. We used the pool and had cocktails on the balcony.

Our Boats from the Hotel Bar

Waiting for Cocktails

On the way back we stopped at Full Shell for cocktails and to watch the sunset.


The Girls Cocktails

The Guys Cocktails

The Sunset

Cockpit of Full Shell

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Posada Concepcion – May 27 -31, 2011

We moved up to Posada in the hope of finding the warm springs. We will have to search for them later. For now we are heading into shore to Ana’s Restaurant for cocktails and an early dinner. After a few margaritas, Brenda and I are playing on the VHF calling each other from across the table. We hear someone break in and it’s Eric on Full Shell. We haven’t seen or heard from them since San Juanico, 2 weeks ago. We had been calling them every day, so we were pleasantly surprised. They joined us at Ana’s for more margaritas and it was an adventure getting home.
Ana's Restaurant

Marilyn and Eric arriving

Eric and Marilyn

The next day we all got together and cooked a scallop pasta dinner on Firefly. Delicioso!!

We have had fog in this anchorage every morning but it clears around 11:00. After that it is too hot to search for the warm springs so we will try to find them tonight after we move to the other side of the anchorage.

Rick waiting to find the hot springs

We found the warm springs and they are hot! We went to shore with Ted and Brenda and walked along the beach. Ted found the right spot and we soaked until the bugs came out.

Ted, Brenda and Pam finally found the hot springs

Playa Coyote – May 22 – 27, 2011

Sunday morning we moved down to Playa Coyote. We pulled in very close to shore and the south mountain to block the wind. What a great beach for camping, in fact there are a lot of campers here.
 It seems a little crazy here with all the swimmers and boaters.

One guy told us he has had too much Vodka and almost ran into Brenda and I on the kayak, and Firefly while he was trying to get too close to one of the whale sharks.

Pam and Brenda

Over a whale shark
There are 3 that live in this cove and we see them every day. Gizmo watches them as they have breakfast right beside the boat.

There are 3 that live in this cove and we see them every day. Gizmo watches them as they have breakfast right beside the boat. 

Gizmo watching a whale shark

It was our anniversary and we planned to go to dinner at the restaurant on the highway, but with all the crazy’s we didn’t want to leave the boats. The next afternoon we went up to the restaurant, Estrella del Mar. We played darts, pool and even tried out the stripper pole, after a few too many margaritas.

Ted and Brenda playing pool and darts

Rick playing pool

Pam in the BMW sidecar
On the way back to the beach, we met a guy with a BMW motorcycle with a side car. Somehow I ended up getting a ride. He had to show me how it came off the ground when he turned corners. What a blast.
Tuesday morning we heard voices outside the boat and saw 2 young guys swimming off the stern with a whale shark. They had driven dirt bikes down from the border and were making their way to Loreto. They wanted to know if it was safe to touch the sharks, we told them to stay away from the tail. They hung around for about a ½ hour then swam back to shore.

Swimming with the whale shark


Rick's Haircut

Later I gave Rick a haircut, he has to look good for his birthday tomorrow.


Wednesday morning Brenda and Ted invited a couple we met on the beach to breakfast on Firefly and we joined them. Anita and Tap arrived in their little sailboat. He is one of the founders of the NOLS schools. One of the schools is located on this beach.
Anita and Tap

That afternoon Ted and Brenda surprised Rick with a birthday present. They rowed over and climbed onto the boat with the present and a bunch of balloons. He got a fish guide, a laminated map of the Mulege area and some special tea. He was very surprised!

We planned to go back to Estrella del Mar for Rick’s birthday dinner but it was closed, so we went to another place named Bertha’s which wasn't on the beach for Clams. We had a great meal and ended up dancing all night. The next day we stayed on the boats all day and recovered.

Rick checking out the clams

Another Bertha's Diner
Friday morning we left for Posada Concepcion, a northern anchorage still in Bahia Concepcion.