Friday, July 5, 2013

July 2 – 4, 2013 Calita Partida

We left at 6:30 again and beat into the seas. It is rough trying to get south in the summer when the wind is coming from the south. It was another rough passage, but we made it into Calita Partida at 12:30. We tucked up into the corner, out of the wind. We are going to stay here a couple of days before the trip into La Paz. We had one more day at sea, so John came over for breakfast. We started with Bloody Mary’s, then moved on to 2 bottles of Champagne. Then I decided to go kayaking and lost my sunglasses in the water. The water was so clear, it only took five minutes to find them. It was a good last day out at sea. We slept in until 7:00, got up and took off for La Paz. Back to civilization, internet, phone, stores and restaurants.
John with his Bloody Mary

Pam cooking breakfast

Pam Kayaking

Trying to get back to the boat.

July 1 – 2, 2013 San Everisto

We left Aqua Verde just as the sun came up to travel 44 miles south to San Everisto. The wind was on our nose the whole trip. Big swells and white caps, the boat beat into the seas. We got into San Everisto anchorage about 3:00, cleaned up, had dinner and went to bed. We have another long passage tomorrow.
A quite night in San Everisto

June 29 – July 1, 2013 Aqua Verde

We need to get south, so we left Monserrate for Aqua Verde, 13 miles down the coast. The wind was still blowing from the south so we went into the southern anchorage. I brought John over to the boat for dinner. The next day ‘Manta’ came into the anchorage and asked us to dive with them again. The water was calmer so we loaded onto Manta and headed out for a dive. Just around the corner the wind picked up. It was rough on the surface, but under water was great. We wore 2 mil wetsuits and only got a little cold. We hope to dive more with them when we get back from the states. The water should be warmer by then.
The Rocks in Aqua Verde

Goats along the shore

Pam bringing John in the Dinghy



A Puffer we were playing with

June 27 – 29, 2013 Monserrate

We left Candeleros Thursday about 10:30 to head over to Monserrate. On the way, we saw ‘Manta’ and stopped to visit with them. 

We left Terry and Dawn and arrived at Yellowstone Beach on Monserrate about 3:00.  John from ‘Coral Rose’ was already there along with some campers on the beach. The wind picked up that night and by morning the campers were gone. We spent the next day on the beach and swimming in the warm water.


The Hills at Yellowstone Beach
Rick and Pam
Sunset from Monserrate
Fish Camp with a Whale's Tail out of Shells

Rick Climbing in the Hills

June 25 – 27, 2013 Candeleros

I can’t believe it! We were in Candeleros and didn’t go into the resort. Terry and Dawn on “Manta” showed up and we visited with them for awhile. They asked us to go diving with them, but the water was pretty rough, so we passed. Hopefully, we will get another chance.
Villa del Palmar from the boat

Manta in the calm water.

June 25, 2013 Danzante

We left Escondido at 8:30 in the morning at pulled into Honeymoon Cove on Danzante about 10. There were a few boats and not much room so we went to the southern end and tried to find some protection from the south wind. We anchored for the day and watched the dolphins swim around the boat. By 1:30 the south wind picked up, so we went into Candeleros.
Rocky Shore

Clear Water off Danzante

Dolphins Swimming around the Boat

Dolphin Tails in Front of Coral Rose
Dolphin off the Bow

Dolphin Close to Shore

June 23 – 25, 2013 Escondido

Ten miles south and we were in Escondido. No more swells. We anchored in the Elisp rather than the main anchorage. It is nice and cozy in there. We went ashore to get internet and had a nice dinner at Padro’s restaurant. After buying some provisions, we headed out to Danzante.
Hotel California

June 23, 2013 Nopolo

After a week in Coronados, the bees seemed to know where our boat was. By Sunday, we were visited by too many, so it was time to leave. We motored south to Nopolo and arrived as the wind was picking up. We anchored and swells started to come into the bay. It looks like a nice place to go ashore. There is a resort and many houses, maybe restaurants and a wine bar that we’ve heard about. We’ll have to check this out another time because we don’t like the rolling so we are heading to Escondido.
Divers in front of Nopolo

Coming into Nopolo

June 16 – 23, 2013 Coronados

Sunday morning is the farmers market in Loreto, so we left Juncalito about 8:30 for the 10 mile trip north to the Loreto city front. It was flat calm on the water and Gizmo was pretty comfortable  laying on the side of the boat. We left her there and went ashore for shopping at the bread store, grocery store, liquor store, gas station, bank and of course lunch at Orlando’s. By 2:00, after hauling all our supplies back to the boats, we left for Coronados Island.
Gizmo relaxing on the side of the boat.


Pam, Natalie and Gravel of Orlando's

We spent a week here watching dolphins in the bay and having many beach parties under the palapas. Boats would come and go and we got to meet many new friends. Most boats are heading north for the summer, but we will start heading south to La Paz for a 2 month trip home to the states.
The Beautiful Water in Coronados

We even have internet here.

A Seagull and her babies on the beach

Another gathering under the Palapas

Our parking lot.

June 15 – 16, 2013 Juncalito

After a week in Candelaros it was time for us to leave. Actually, we got tired of the west winds that blew into this bay every night. We left Saturday morning with True Companion and headed 7 miles north for a stop in Escondido to provision and do a little laundry. We left Escondido about 4:30 for a 5 mile trip around the corner to Juncalito. There is a little town here with phone reception and wifi. This is a nice anchorage. We will have to come back here sometime.
The little village of Juncalito

The Anchorage

True Companion leading the way north

June 9 - 15, 2013 Candelaros

Milagro met us at Secret Cove and we both sailed down to Candelaros. This is my favorite anchorage! What’s not to like? Phone, internet, a resort with restaurants, pools and cocktails. It is a little slice of heaven. After 3 nights, Milagro left to head back to La Paz. We will see them in the states this summer. We hung around for a couple more days enjoying the resort. John on Coral Rose showed up Thursday morning and True Companion arrived Friday. Of course we had to stay and go back to the resort to enjoy the pools and restaurants.
Cocktails by the Pool

Pam and Judy

Pam and Judy in one of the side pools
In the Pool

Happy Hour!


Dinghies on the beach

Rick washing off his feet to head into the resort.