Sunday, September 11, 2011

Leaving Santa Rosalia - Sept 1-2, 2001

Our last night in Santa Rosalia, we went into town for pizza with Steve and Susan from Kashmira. We bought a metro which is a meter long (39.6 inches) so we would have left overs to take on our passage. That night it rained hard for a few hours. In the morning, I had to make one last trip into town for cat food and found the town flooded and muddy. There were bull dozers removing the mud around the town square. It doesn’t rain very often here, so when it does the streets can’t handle the water. When I got back to the boat, my feet and shorts were covered in mud.
Getting out of the marina was a lot of work, we almost gave up. We were ready to cast off the lines at 10:00. Started the engine, turned on the instruments and were ready to go, but wait, no autopilot, no wind indicator, no depth. Shut off the engine to figure this out. Rick looked up the error code and it said there must be a bad connection. He remembered wires that may have been pulled while we installed the new exhaust hose. We tore the bed apart to climb under it. Went into a little cubby behind the bed and found the connection box. After a search of the wires, Rick decided which one looked loose. He re-connected it, checked it, and all the instruments were working. Great! It’s now noon and we are again, ready to go. Start the engine, cast off the lines, put the boat in reverse and hear a loud grinding sound. I shut off the engine, Rick ties up the boat and we try to figure out what could be wrong.  We restart it a few times and put it in and out of gear. No more grinding. We are hoping the gears just weren’t lined up right the first time. So, it is now 1:00 and we are leaving the slip and departing from Santa Rosalia after a 3 month stay. It’s time to spend a few months on the hook.
Leaving Santa Rosalia

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