Thursday, September 1, 2011

Our first Chabasco – August 18, 2011

Rick and Eric from ‘Full Shell’ left at 7 in the morning to take the rental car back to Loreto, about a 3 hour drive. Marilyn and I were alone on our boats when the wind started blowing. It came on very quick and strong. Everyone was outside in a hurry pulling down tarps and getting things off their decks before they were blown away. Since we were close to land there was a lot of dirt in the wind. It blew for about 3 hours, then rained very lightly, just enough to make mud. We had a half inch of dirt all the way up the mast and covering the boat. By the time Rick got back about 4 that afternoon it had calmed down, but there was a lot of clean up to do. We saved that for the next day.

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