Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Santa Rosalia - June 25 – July 6, 2011

Street Tacos
Saturday, June 25,  I walked up the ramp, through the marina, and up the street to the closest taco stand. It wasn’t that far but, I was finally walking on my own! Since then, I’ve been walking into town almost everyday.  We go to restaurants or stores. It seems like all we do is shop and eat. Can’t wait to get back to an anchorage.

The fish Rick bought

Rick bought a fish from a guy in a panga here in the marina. He cut it up and we had it for dinner. It was very good. I guess if you can’t go out and fish at least we can buy fish.

Filliting the fish

Pam out on the Town

Taco's for Rick

Firefly and Voyager came back into the Santa Rosalia. It is good to have our friends back here. The marina is filling up again.
I had my hair colored and it was way to dark. Brenda came over and added mas rubia highlights. I love it!

Neil and Lisa on Gypsy came into the marina about July 2, we haven’t seen them since January in La Paz. We spent a lot of time catching up. We went to dinner and Rick went behind the bar to make our cocktails.
Rick making Cocktails


They are heading south to La Paz to put the boat away for a few months, so we won’t see them until November.

Santa Rosalia - June 16 – June 24, 2011

Another week and a half of sitting around on the boat. The toe is getting better. When I do go out, I’ve been riding around in a wheelchair mainly because my foot swells if I put it down.

Full Shell left for the mainland and Bill and Julie of Voyager arrived. We all went to lunch on Father’s Day to the Chinese Restaurant up the hill. I was surprised the Chinese food was so good.

Ted, Rick, Bill, Julie and Pam

Julie, Brenda and Pam

Firefly and Voyager left to go out to an anchorage, so the marina is getting empty. We are not ready to leave the dock yet. We plan on waiting until I can walk a little better.