Thursday, September 1, 2011

Boat Projects in Santa Rosalia – August 19 – 31, 2011

Our first day back was full of unpacking and cleaning the boat.  Rick went up the mast to wash it, then cleaned the decks. What a mess. We were rewarded by being invited over to Full Shell for a steak dinner to celebrate their 50th Anniversary. They looked so nice, I have to post their picture.
Marilyn and Eric's 50th Anniversary
Over the next 2 weeks we worked on boat projects with the supplies we brought down from the states. We installed new lights, a battery combiner, a new exhaust hose, added additional fans and made a hooka.  We also made shade covers for the boat. We borrowed Eric’s Sailrite sewing machine for the shade covers because it works so much better than mine.  Couldn’t have done it without it.
Shade Cover for the Boat

Shade Cover

Rick Replacing the Exhaust Hose

The Tortilleria

We have been shopping and stocking the boat up with food for the next month or 2.

Julie at the Bread Store

Marilyn at the Grocery Store

Rick in the Hot Tub
But we did take a little time to relax in the marina’s hot tub. It is cooler than the pool!

We plan to leave the marina Sept. 2, for the first time in 3 months to go further north in the sea. Hopefully to Bahia de Los Angeles then up to Puerto Refugio. There is not much internet access north of here, but we will try to post again soon.

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