Friday, April 27, 2012

Out to Sea, Heading North – April 28, 2012

Well, the boat has been in La Paz for 6 months now. We have been back onboard for 6 weeks and have really enjoyed our time here, but it is time to get out on the water and away from the dock. The plan is to leave Saturday mid morning and sail to Bonanza, about 20 miles out. From there we will slowly head north into the Sea of Cortez for the summer. We are not sure when we will have phone and internet service again, maybe not until we reach Candeleros about 100 mile north of La Paz. That will take a couple of weeks because there are a lot of places to stop on the way and we are taking it slow. We will catch up the blog when we can.

Sushi - April 20 – 27, 2012

The Sushi Chefs

We finally found the best Sushi restaurant in La Paz. Maybe all of Mexico. It is Jiro Sushi and close to the marina. Bill took us there for lunch and we have been back. We are trying to go at least one more time before we leave La Paz tomorrow!

Bill and Pam at the Sushi bar

Another Sushi Day with Just a Minute


Todo Santos – April 17, 2012

Tuesday, we drove to Todo Santos. Our friend, Betty came with Tim, Rick and I. We drove there, checked out the town, talked to the owner of Hotel California, had lunch and Damiana Margaritas. Very Good. 

Tim, Pam, Rick and Betty with our Margaritas

Next we headed over to the beach on the Pacific coast. The water was cold and much rougher than the beaches in the sea. We made it back to La Paz without any trouble.
Tim at the Pacific

Tim, Betty and Pam

Rick and Tim

Pam with the rough water

Tim Visits La Paz – April 13 – 18, 2012

Rick with the Policewomen that Gave Him the Ticket

Rick’s long time friend, Tim came to us visit in La Paz. I had always heard that when Rick and Tim get together it is trouble.  As soon as Tim showed up, Rick got pulled over by the police and had to pay a bribe. It was his fault, he was talking on the cell phone and didn’t have his license with him. The policewoman didn’t speak English and we don’t know much Spanish. She asked his name. He volunteered to go to the boat, get his license and return. She just shook her finger at him and said “No, No, No Ricky”.  I don’t think she trusted him to return??? She found someone to translate for her and Rick ended up paying a 200 peso fine. (About $18. US). I’m wondering what other trouble they will get into? Tim played Bocci Ball at Bay Fest and did better than Rick and I. We went out to Costa Baja for cocktails and to see how the rich people live.
Rick, Pam and Tim at Costa Baja

Thursday, April 26, 2012

La Paz Bay Fest – April 12- 15, 2012

Pam and Rick

This year Bay Fest is April 12 – 15. It starts Friday night with wine tasting, then we had a party on La Contessa, a 65’ sailboat getting ready to leave for Australia. The next 2 days was the Dominos tournament and Bocci Ball. We didn’t do too bad in Dominos, but we sucked in Bocci Ball. I guess we need more practice!!

Rick and Bill Wine Tasting

John, Barb, Ana and Rick at the Wine Tasting

Tim and Betty Playing Bocci Ball

Salsa Making – April 11, 2012

Sesame Seed Salsa over Cream Cheese

Roasted Sesame Seeds and Peanuts
 Ana had a sesame seed salsa making party at her house. We went shopping to see where to buy all the ingredients, made the salsa and had a fest of quesadillas and salsa.  Yummmm  Everybody took home a jar.  Can’t wait to make more of this.

Roasting the Peppers

Another Car!! – April 9, 2012

Yes, we are a 2 car family now! Jerry on Moshulu headed north into the sea and loaned us his truck. Life is good in La Paz. I don’t get much exercise with all these vehicles, so I’ve joined a Zumba class.
Rick Closing the back of our Truck

Birthday at Bill and Barbs – April 8, 2012

Pam, Barb, Fern, Ana 

Bill and Barb, our land based friends were so nice to have a dinner party at their casa and it just happened to be on my birthday. (It was also Easter) They had about 15 people over and Bill BBQ’d burgers. It sure was nice relaxing at their house. I think I could live there.

On the Patio

My Birthday Cards

A Car! – March 27, 2012

Yes, we have a car. It is on loan from Patrick and Laura and it is a nice car. We bummed a ride to Loreto to pick it up and we’re able to use it until “Just a Minute” returns from the mainland. Having a car is so much easier than walking everywhere. We really appreciate this. We took it to the new car wash in town to get it cleaned up.
The Car Going Thru the New Modern Car Wash

Race Day – March 25, 2012

Once again we raced with Pat on Gitana. It was a great race and we won our class.
The Crew racing on Gitana

The Boats Behind us in the Race

Fred, Ed, Pat, Rick, Ron and Pam, The Crew

Sailing in La Paz - March 22, 2012

Good friends of ours, Bill and Barb had visitors from Texas, Larry and Doty.  We all went out sailing for the day. We headed out to Balandra. Had perfect water and a little breeze. We even saw dolphin on the way in.
Randy, Doty and Bill

Barb and Pam

Bill and Larry

Dolphin beside the boat

Home to La Paz – March 14 –17, 2012

We arrived home to the boat, a little dirty, but we’re happy to be back. I think Gizmo is happy to be back too, although she will miss her new family at the house and Hunter the dog. After cleaning the boat and catching up with friends, we made plans to attend the St Patty’s day celebration at La Costa Restaurant. The Mexican’s sure know how to celebrate like they are Irish. Green beer, green margaritas and green Flan. Great corned beef and cabbage!
Tickets to the Celebration

Irish Joanne and Liz

The Irish Buffet

Pam with Corned Beef and Cabbage

Green Beer, Green Flan, Green Margarita