Sunday, September 11, 2011

Cala Mujeres – Sept 5, 2011

Monday morning after Jack’s school session, Just a Minute and Hotel California headed around the corner to Cala Mujeres, a little bay with great snorkeling. Just a Minutes dinghy engine was giving them some problems, so Rick went over to help. After a little work, Jack was back in business with his dinghy!
'Just a Minute' in Cala Mujeres

The snorkeling was good, but the hunters didn’t get any fish. Maybe next time. Laura and I swam to shore and walked the beach looking for shells. We found a few. This is a beautiful bay, but not much protection, so we are heading back to the inner harbor at San Francisquito where Just a Minute was anchored. We followed them in thru the shallow entrance and anchored in 14 feet.
The Beach at Cala Mujeres

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