Tuesday, May 28, 2013

April 24-28, 2013 Agua Verde

We had a great sail to Agua Verde. It was 52 miles and took about 8 hours. There were hundreds of dolphins around the boat and I tried to get pictures and movies. We arrived in the southern anchorage about 5:30. The next day the wind was supposed to come from the north, so we moved to the northern anchorage. 

I used my kayak for the first time. It was a little hard to get in and situated because I didn’t want to fall in. The water isn’t warm enough for me yet. Once I got going, it was great. Bob from ‘Nirvana’ let me try out their stand up paddle board. I liked it, but I was afraid I’d lose my balance and fall in, so I’ll stick with the kayak.
Trying out my new kayak

Pam on the SUP
The next day, a group of us walked a couple miles to the cave paintings. I actually made it up the hill to the cave this time.
Agua Verde Anchorage

Pam at the top of the climb to the Cave Paintings

Rick at the Cave Paintings

Our last day at Agua Verde, we had another sundowner party on the beach. I think the group is getting bigger.
Cocktails on the beach

Hotel California
The moon rising over the anchorage

April 21-24, 2013 Isla San Francisco

After 6 months in the marina, we are finally leaving the dock. Our first stop is Isla San Francisco, a 44 mile trip that took us seven and a half hours. We arrived in the hook, dropped the anchor and within the hour there were 7 other boats there. The next morning Rick, Michael and Gravel climbed the hill and took pictures of the anchorage.

The Hook at Isla San Francisco
Hotel California at anchor
That afternoon everyone went ashore for sundowners on the beach. The dinghy chaps are working!
The Dinghy with the new Chaps

Beach time

Checking out the sunset

Another Beautiful Sunset

Saturday, May 25, 2013

April in La Paz

In April, I made a trip home to visit family and while I was gone, Rick bought me a kayak for my birthday. It will be nice to use that this summer. We went to a BBQ at Adriana’s house to celebrate birthdays. Rick loved the burgers. We hung around La Paz long enough to enjoy Bay Fest and we left April 21 to head out to the islands and north into the sea.
My kayak on the side of the boat

BBQ at Adriana's

The kids table. Ha Ha

Birthday Cake

March in La Paz

In March, we took a trip out to Espiritu Santo Island with Michael and Judy on ‘Milagro’ to test out our new chaps. They need a little modification, but they work. Once we got back to La Paz, we found a great shopping mall with a bowling alley and a real Starbucks. I’m happy! The next week, we took a day trip to a town called El Triunfo and walked around the deserted cooper mines. At the end of the month, our friend Addy married Miguel and we attended the wedding. It was beautiful. 

The anchorage at Calita Partida

Judy and Michael with their new chaps

Pam in Judy's kayak
Rick celebrating St Paddy's Day at La Costa

Checking out the bowling ally

Very modern bowling ally
Dave and Alison at a real Starbucks!!!
Pam and Rick in El Truinfo

Walking the Copper Mine Ruins
In the piano museum

Lunch at El Truinfo Cafe
The beach in front of the wedding venue

Addy and Miguel's Wedding

Pam and Rick at the wedding

Pam and Josie at the wedding

February in La Paz

Carnival Week was the beginning of February and there were many parades. We watched one from Tailhunters. Next came the Zumba dance on the Malecon. Valentines was spent at La Costa and then came our 3 week project of making Chaps for the dinghy. We used the court yard at Casa Ana’s so we could spread out and have power. It worked out great, thanks Ana and Joanne.
Sunset in La Paz

The gang waiting for the Carnivale Parade at Tailhunters

Nemo float 

King Neptune???
Bette and Pam at the Zumba dance on the Malecon

Valentines dinner. Those are hearts???

Pulling the dinghy behind Dave and Alison's car. The tires didn't pop.

Starting the Dinghy Chaps

Work, Work, Work in the heat!
Chaps in progress


Finally finished!

January in La Paz

In January, we drove to Cabo and flew to San Diego for an overnight to renew our Visas with Dale and Dena from ‘Double Dharma’. We all picked up a lot of supplies we can’t get in Mexico. Had a great steak dinner at Outback, then stopped in Todo Santo’s on the way back for lunch and margarita’s. Later in January, Rick had a quick trip home and when he got back we spent time at Tailhunters for the play-off games and Superbowl. Even though the 49ers lost, it was a fun time.
Dinner at Outback in San Diego

Lunch at Todo Santo's

Tailhunter's for the Play-offs. Go Niners!!

Dave, Alison, Michael, Judy, Pam and John heading to Tailhunters

Pam, ready for the game.

On our iPads before the game

Watching the game

Rick with the Corona Girls

Bruce Pool Dancing!