Thursday, September 1, 2011

Car Trip Back to Mexico – August 16-17, 2011

The car is as full as it can be. The tires are almost touching the wheel wells. Going over bumps in the roads is not a good thing. We left at 4:30am and crossed the border in TJ by noon. Next we stopped at Costco in Ensenada and met up with Patrick, Laura and Jack from “Just a Minute”. We all headed to El Rosario to stay at the Baja Cactus Inn. Very nice place for $30 a night! Highly recommend it.
Baja Cactus Inn

We left the next morning after breakfast and made it to the Marina in Santa Rosalia about 6 that night. It is soo hot here and we have to unpack the car!
The Car is Packed!!

Even the Inside is Full!

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