Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Final Race Day - March 12, 2011

Saturday, we went out racing on Full Shell again. Kellie came with us this time. What an exciting race! We were so close to 3 other boats for the start if looked like we could touch them. This race was longer and faster. Us girls were ‘rail meat’ or the term we like better, ‘deck candy’. And we didn’t spill our alcohol!

Rick, ready to race


This time, the boats were close!

Deck Candy

Racer Kellie

Marilyn while we were heeled

Dena serving snacks

Captain Eric

Skipper Dale

This is Racing - Pam
As we were entering the harbor, we saw ‘Exuma’ leaving. What a gorgeous boat.
Marilyn with 'Exuma' Leaving
Sunday was a sad day, the kids were leaving. It was such a short visit, but I’m glad I got to see them. We went to breakfast near the beach and they left for the airport at noon. We’ll stay here a few more days, then head back to La Cruz to get a new stack pack put on the boat before we head north into the Sea of Cortez.

Jennie and Kevin on the last morning

Kodi, ready to leave

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  1. Deck Candy looks beautiful, so glad that you all got to go racing. What a ride!