Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Kids Arrive - March 7, 2011

Jennie and Kevin at the Yacht Club
Kevin, Jennie, Kodi, Madddi and Kellie arrived at the airport at 4:00. We went there on the bus to meet them, but they left with the timeshare people, so we missed them. We met up at the hotel, found their room and were off to the Yacht Club for dinner.



Beach day
The first day here, Jennie, Kevin and Kellie went to their timeshare meeting, so the girls and I went to the beach and pool. It took Maddi a while to get used to the ocean, but they both love the pool. We watched the bird show and Kodi held one of the parrots. When Jen, Kevin and Kellie got back they headed for the pool. Kevin got in a game of tequila vollyball.
At the Beach

Kodi in the Pool

Maddi with Grandma

Getting used to the water

Maddi building a sand castle
Kodi with a Parrot

Kevin playing Tequlia Vollyball

Jennie and Maddi

Playing in the sand

Maddi at the Beach

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