Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Paradise Village – Mar. 1 – 15, 2011

We arrived at Paradise Village Marina on March 1. The kids and Kellie were flying in on March 7 and the Banderas Bay Regatta was taking place March 8 – 12th. We were assigned to a slip at the far end of the marina, almost to the bridge. It was about a mile walk up to the main part of the hotel. We bribed the harbor master into moving us to a closer slip because we had family that would be staying there. It worked! We were moved to an excellent slip right at the front of the entrance to the harbor. On the dock in front of our boat is a new mega yacht named ‘Exuma’. It is 180’ long and is goldish silver. Very striking.  

Rick and a friend

Parrots at Paradise Village

The resort is beautiful. I’m sure the kids will love the pools. Tuesday night, we went to the opening ceremony for the regatta. They had Mexican Flamingo dancers with their colorful costumes and large hats. Then they brought people from the audience up on stage to dance with them. It was an impressive show.

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