Friday, April 8, 2011

Back in La Cruz – March 15-26, 2011

We left Paradise on Tuesday, March 15 for La Cruz. We pulled in to the slip and were right next to Dragons Toy. We plan to stay here for about a week while the stack pack is delivered and installed. It may take longer than that since part of it is coming from the states, but we can hope.

Dinner at Taco's on the Street with Steve and Nona

While we were here we went to all the old familiar restaurants and a few hadn’t been to like, Tacos on the Street, Sandras, Palapa on the Beach and Roberto’s Xocolatl. All were good and we went back a few times to Tacos on the Street! Of course we couldn’t miss the Sunday Market or the ice cream store in town. And since life can’t be all fun, we took a few classes while we were here. Monday night was the Salsa Dance Class and Wednesday afternoon was the Sushi Making Class. Life is rough.

Rick taking Salsa Lessons

Sushi Class - Gail and Sarah with Chef Amy

We did have some real work to do. We took down the Mainsail and had it re-stitched and the Dutchman system removed. We had the stainless cleaned. Next we traveled by bus to the airport to pick up the new stack pack, which is a cover for the Mainsail that stays on the boom. After that was installed, we waited for the battens that go in the sides of the stack pack to be delivered by truck from San Diego.
Having the Stainless cleaned

Installing the Stack Pack

The New Stack Pack

Cocktails on the beach in Yelapa

On Thursday, the 24th, we took 3 buses and a water taxi across the bay to Yelapa with Nona and Steve. What a great little beach with a waterfall on the back side of the town. We had cocktails and lunch, then walked to the falls. The water was cold, but after traveling all the way here, Nona and I had to get under the falls. The saying about Yalapa, “A palapa in Yelapa is better than a condo in Redondo” is definitely true.

Lunch in Yelapa with Steve and Nona


Under the Falls in Yelapa

It was a lot of coordinating but the battens finally showed up on Friday, March 25. We left La Cruz the next morning, heading for San Blas.

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