Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Tsunami at Paradise Village- March 11, 2011

Since we had moved to the slip in front of the harbor entrance, we had a front row spot to watch for the tsunami. We thought about taking the boat out into the bay, just in case there was a big wave or surge. The Harbor Master and Tom on ‘Dragons Toy’ told Rick to stay in the marina and add extra lines and fenders. About 1:00pm the water started to surge in and out. Around 3:00 it got pretty strong. The yacht in front of us, ‘Exuma’ took the surge on it’s side, so they put a lot of huge fenders out. A few of them lost air or popped. It did take out a few boards on that side of the dock, but no major damage. The ports were closed, so any of the boats that went out had to stay out over night. Quite a few of the racing boats left without their anchors (this is to make the boat lighter for the race). I felt bad for them, they had to sail or drive around all night. The marina still had surge coming in and out the next day.

Kodi on the Bow

Exuma with all the fenders

Pam and Kellie during the Tsunami

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