Sunday, September 2, 2012

Visit Home – July 13 – August 9, 2012

Once again, we rented a car and drove home. The most exciting part of the trip was forgetting to get gas in Guerrero Negro and realizing we weren’t going to make it to the next gas station 100 miles away. We turned around hoping to find gas on the way back. We stopped and asked about gas at a few houses and finally found a small teinda with gas in drums in the back of the truck. The owner transferred it for us, we paid him and were on our way. We learned to always fill up in Guerrero Negro, it’s a long way to the next gas station. But in Mexico, there is always a way to fix any problem.

Problem Solved

We made it home in 2 days and spent the next 3 weeks visiting with family and friends and buying things we can’t get in Mexico.
We spent time with our parents and kids. We enjoyed a BBQ and swim party at my niece April’s new house. 
Hanging out in Buzz and April's pool

Caviar Tasting, Rick and Kristy

Rick, Pam and Dave at Michelle's
Another night, we had a Caviar and Vodka tasting at Michelle’s. There was also an awesome dinner. 

One week-end, most of the family went to Lake Don Padro for the day. We had 3 boats and a ton of people. The lake water is so low.

Pam and Rachel

Near the end of our visit, we had a family BBQ at the house with all the kids and grandkids. We sure miss them when we’re gone.
Kevin at the Grill

Jaden, Noah and Rachel in the Backyard

Kodi and Pam

A few of the Grandkids, Maddi, Bailey and Carson

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