Sunday, September 2, 2012

Santa Rosalia – August 10-18, 2012

The car was loaded with all the things we bought and the orders from other cruisers. We got back to Santa Rosalia and the boat Thursday evening. Unloaded everything, and Rick drove the rental car back to Loreto. 

While we were home, Rick had surgery on his finger to remove a lump. It isn’t looking very good, so we sent pictures to his doctor. Turns out it is supposed to look this way.
Rick's Finger, after Surgery

We spent the next week doing projects, provisioning and getting the boat ready to head north for a few months. We spent time with Conner and Laena on ‘Moondance’ and Paul and Judy of ‘Grace’. We also hung out with Rick and Brenda from ‘Dad’s Dreams’.  A chubasco came thru with light winds. (34 Knots) I’m glad we were in the marina and tied to the dock. 

Then we had rain for 2 days. It doesn’t rain much here, so the town is not ready for all the water. The streets flood and everyone stays inside. We had shopping to do, so of course we were out in it. We came across a family cooking in their front yard, under a tent. They invited us in to eat with them. Delicious chicken and beef tacos with all the fixings. It turns out it was the Mothers birthday, so they were celebrating.
Heading to Town in the Rain.

Rick at the BBQ

Pam at the BBQ

The rains stopped and the clouds cleared out, so it is finally time to leave the slip.
Leaving the Dock at Santa Rosalia

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