Sunday, September 2, 2012

Bahia Las Rocas, Isla Coronados – August 25-28, 2012

Finally a place to catch fish! Rick has been getting fish everyday. Yellowtail and Grouper. He goes out in the dinghy and is back in 45 minutes with fish for the day. He’s using a pole, rather than spearing them.
Small Yellow Tail

Rick's Catch

The Fishing Spot
We’ve been doing a lot of snorkeling around the rocks here. Yesterday, we played Bocci Ball on the beach with ‘Interabang’. Fun, but it was hot! We cleaned the bottom of the boat. Tomorrow we are moving into the Bay of LA to La Mona.


  1. Yeah - fresh fish! Looks like you are still having fun - even in the heat.

  2. Carla, we are surviving the heat.Just barely! I'm sure you are enjoying Hawaii! Miss you guys.