Sunday, September 9, 2012

Bay of Los Angeles Area – August 29 – Sept 9, 2012

Lately, we have been hanging around the Bay of Los Angeles Area. Going back and forth between La Mona, La Gringa, the Village and Los Rocas. We have been trying to hide from the wind and find places to catch fish. We attended the only Full Moon party of the year at La Gringa on August 31. I was a judge of the floats in the floaty party. We had some unusual floats and even the BofLA Olympic Synchronized Swimmers. Later, we had a pot luck on the beach, presented the awards and watched the moon rise.
The  Village in the Bay of LA

A Storm Coming Across the Bay

The Judges, Terry, Tom and Pam

Floaties in the Lagoon

The Synchronized Swimmers
Beach Pot Luck

Tomorrow is the Net Controllers Party at a Restaurant in the Village. After that, we will head further north in the sea. We should be gone for a few weeks with no internet or phone.

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