Saturday, May 21, 2011

San Juanico – May 11 – 17, 2011

The wind was blowing and the seas were rough all the way to San Juanico. It was a 20 mile trip which took 4 ½ hours. But once we got there the anchorage was calm and protected. This is a large bay and there were about 25 boats here. We went to Firefly for dinner.

Pam and Brenda

 The next day there was a pot luck beach party for all the boaters. There were a lot of people and a lot of good food.

Friday we hiked the trail up the hill. Rick’s foot was sore so we only went part way. Ted and Brenda went up to the ridge trail and we could barely see them at the top. That night, Ted and Brenda, Eric and Marilyn and Cary and Michele from Kialoni, came over for dinner on Hotel California and watched a beautiful sunset.

Cary, Gizmo, Brenda and Ted

Michele, Marilyn, and Eric

The next day, Rick and I took the dinghy around the point to check out the fishing area. These rock formations are amazing. There is a cruisers shrine tree on the beach, so we added ours to the collection.

Later, we went snorkeling with Jerry and Gayle from Moshulu and Ted and Brenda. We found a great snorkeling spot with a ton of fish. Ted even spotted a lobster. It got cold so we all got out to warm up. I’m still waiting for the water to get warmer. 74 degrees isn’t warm enough.

The next morning Rick went fishing and came back with a Hogshead. He filleted it and we cooked it up.

Monday night we watched the moon rise while having cocktails on Firefly. After 6 days here, we will leave for the next anchorage in the morning.

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