Monday, May 9, 2011

Bahia Agua Verde – April 23-26, 2011

Saturday morning we left Los Gatos for an 18 mile trip north to Agua Verde.  The wind was light out of the south, so we flew the spinnaker. Firefly was behind us and took some pictures of the chute.

This bay has 3 different anchoring areas. We went into the first one and it was crowded with about 10 boats so we went into the next area and dropped the hook next to Firefly.  Since the wind was coming from the south, we had great protection here. Slowly more and more boats came into this bay until there were about 35 boats here. That night, Ted and Brenda from Firefly came over for cocktails and we watched a beautiful sunset.

The next morning, Rick and I took the dinghy a mile out to Roca Solitaria. The water was rough so we didn’t snorkel but we talked to some fishermen about what they were catching. It looked like a red snapper.

Later that afternoon, Krista from Nautilus asked about our plans for the evening. I suggested a dinghy raft up, so she invited the fleet in the bay. About 4:30 15 dinghies’s met near Pyramid Rock buoy for cocktails and appetizers. We had a lot of fun and great food. We planned a snorkeling party for the next day around Pyramid Rock.

Caves in the Rocks

I went into the water for a swim and felt barnacles on the bottom of the boat. Since the water was so clear here, we decided to clean the bottom. First we did the sides that we could reach, then we put on the dive tanks and did the center, rudder and keel. The bottom is clean!
Rick cleaning the bottom
John and Oralia on Coral Rose and Pat and Bob on Gitana arrived in Agua Verde from La Paz. They are on their way to Loreto Fest in Puerto Escondido along with the rest of us. We will see them after a brief stop in Los Candeleros.

We pulled up anchor in the morning to head for Los Candeleros. We were waiting for Firefly to pull up their anchor, but theirs was covered with a huge ball of green grass from the bottom. Luckily we anchored in sand.

Ted on Firefly

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