Thursday, May 5, 2011

San Evaristo – April 20-21, 2011

We left Isla San Francisco at 8 in the morning and arrived at San Evaristo about 11. There is a fishing village in this bay with a lot of palapas with trucks parked under them. It is the Mexican Easter celebration this week, so the beaches are crowded.

San Evaristo
We walked around the small town and saw the school, desalination plant where they make fresh water, a house where they sell tortillas and 2 small tiendas (stores). We hiked over the hill to the salt ponds with Lenard and Wilma from Midnight Sun and saw donkeys wondering around. A couple of kids ran out to meet us and Wilma gave them some candy. We headed back over the hill into town and visited both tiendas. After buying our vegetables, a little boy lead us up the road to buy cervasas from a house with a large ice chest under a tree in their front yard. There were about 10 men sitting in the shade in plastic chairs enjoying their holiday. We loaded up the beer and headed back to the beach.

The beach

Restaurant on the beach. Cervesas!

Salt Ponds

Donkeys at the Ranches near the Salt Ponds

The School with the bay in the background.

Local fishermen were coming in with their catch, so we bought some Cabrillo. We fried some up for dinner and froze the rest. Very tasty! Leaving in the morning for Puerto Los Gatos.

Having our fish filleted.

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