Thursday, May 5, 2011

Puerto Los Gatos – April 21-23, 2011

29 miles up to Los Gatos, we arrived about 2 in the afternoon after a 5 hour trip. We set the anchor and went exploring. Close to us was a boat named Firefly. Full Shell had crossed over from Mazatlan with them, but lost track of each other in the rough seas. They had been looking for them since Isla San Francisco. We went over and told them Full Shell would be in tomorrow.

Ted, Rick and Pam on Firefly
Marilyn and Eric on Firefly

Then we went into the beach to explore. The rock formations around this bay are amazing. There are smooth red sandstones extending down to the water and sharp lacey rocks protruding above them. On the other side of the bay are a number of tide pools and caves in the rocks. We could stay here and explore for days.

A Crab in the Rocks

Lacey Rocks in Los Gatos

When we got back to the boat, a panga showed up selling lobster. We bought 2 and gave him 2 cervases, so he threw in an additional lobster. They were tasty.


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