Monday, June 18, 2012

Isla Coronados – June 14 – 17, 2012

On our way to Isla Coronados, we came across a lot of pangas fishing for Yellowtail. In Loreto, we had seen truck loads of Yellowtail the day before, so we knew they were running. This must be the spot to catch them. We shut the boat off and through a line in. We fished for about an hour and didn’t catch anything, so we pulled in the lines and headed into the anchorage.
Pangas Fishing for Yellowtail
 ‘Interabang’ with Trisha and Derrik and ‘Seychelles’ with John and Nikki were anchored there. ‘True Companion’ with Gravel and Natalie came in later. We all met on the beach the next day and planned a cocktail party for that evening on the beach.

Leaving Hotel California in the Anchorage
We really wanted some tuna, so we went out to the fishing spot on ‘True Companion’. We fished for a while. Fishing is harder than it looks when you have to throw the line out and reel it in as fast as you can, over and over. With no fish in sight, we soon tired of this.  We saw a couple pangas heading to Loreto, so Rick waved them over.

 Sure enough, they had plenty of Yellowtail. $200 pecos ($14 US) got us a big Yellowtail. Gravel cleaned it on the deck and we took some to the cocktail party, along with a story of how we brought it on board. When they asked for details we had to tell them we bought it.
Tuna on the Boat!!!

Gravel Filleting the Fish

When all the food was gone, we had a good game of liars dice. The wind was kicking up and we all had a wet ride back to the boats.
Liars Dice at the Palapa

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  1. Fishing with pesos - our most succesful method...