Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Aqua Verde - June 1 -3, 2012

First thing Friday morning the wind starting blowing from the south and we had white caps in the bay. We pulled anchor and headed north to Aqua Verde. A lot of boats are planning to meet up there, so it should be quite a party.

‘Third Day’ came across from Mazatlan, ‘Eyoni’ and ‘Interabang’ came north from La Paz, ’Eagle’ and ‘Casasa’ came south from Candeleros. We all met up on ‘Just a Minute’ for a party Friday night. A great time was had by all.
The Anchorage from across the Bay in Aqua Verde

The next day, Nancy from ‘Eyoni’ organized a fun walk to the caves with paintings up in the mountains on the north side of the Aqua Verde. 11 of us went and it was a long hike. Across a mountain, past the graveyard, thru the palms and across the river. Then we made it to the beach. We walked the beach for about 1 and a half miles and we could see the caves up on the mountain. By the time we got part way up the mountain, I had had enough, so I waited while the rest of the group climbed the mountain to go into the caves. They came back with pictures of bats and amazing cave paintings. Now we get to walk back. By now a few of us have blisters and broken shoes. It was a great hike, but next time Nancy says a fun walk, I’ll know what she means.
Visiting the Graveyard

Through The Palms and Across The River

Down the Beach to the Caves in the Mountain

Bats in the Caves

It is time to move on. I think most of us are heading for Candeleros.

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