Sunday, June 3, 2012

A Hole in the Boat!– May 17 – 19, 2012

Paradise didn’t last long. Thursday morning Rick was checking the hose on the macerator thru hull, saw a little corrosion, twisted the hose and the ball valve broke off. Since this goes directly into the bottom of the boat, it was not good. He put his hand over the hole to stop the water from coming in and called for me to bring a wooden plug. He pounded in the plug and it stopped the water. It was a good thing we were only 7 miles from Escondido where there is a marina with a lift that can haul the boat. We went to Full Shell for breakfast, then they followed us into Escondido. When we arrived the lift was getting ready for us but we had to tie up to the fuel dock and pay first. It wasn’t an emergency so it was no problem. We paid the $300 to haul the boat, then decided Rick should go into Loreto and find the part he needed to fix it before we hauled out. We didn’t want to sit on the hard for a couple days waiting for parts. He got back about 3 and the yard closes at 4, so we decided to wait for morning to haul the boat. We spent the night at the dock and first thing in the morning, Rick started checking the thru hull. He found out the thru hull was fine and the rest of the ball valve would unscrew to be replaced by the new one. We didn’t need to change the thru valve after all. He decided to try this while we were in the water and it worked. We didn’t need to be hauled out. Now we are trying to get the $300 dollars back. Some things take a while in Mexico.
At the Dock in Escondido

We spent another night in Escondido on a mooring ball. We went into town to stock up on food and have lunch, then back to the resort in Candeleros.
Lunch Spot in Loreto

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