Saturday, October 15, 2011

Santa Rosalia – Oct. 10 – 15, 2011

Back to civilization! Phone, Internet, Electricity, Stores and Restaurants! There have been a lot of changes here at the marina and in town. Carlos and Arhuro, the marina manager and worker are both gone. There is no propane, so the clothes driers don’t work, but we have internet, electricity and a new crepe restaurant. Yummmm.
Santa Rosalia is celebrating the towns 126th Anniversary with a Fiesta this week-end. Everything is being cleaned and painted. The train looks great with it’s new paint job. The curbs and tree trunks have all been painted. The carnival has arrived and will start Friday night. We’re going to stay here until Saturday so we can attend the Fiesta.
The Trains new Paint Job

The Carnival comes to Town

There is going to be a Sexy Leg Contest

THIS is a Jump House across from the Hot Dog Stand.

Saturday morning we’re leaving the marina for the trip down to La Paz. Our first stop will be Sweet Pea Cove, about 10 miles south of here. We plan to arrive in La Paz Nov. 1 and stay for the winter.

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