Monday, October 10, 2011

Quemado – Oct. 1-3, 2011

Walking around the village of Bahia de Los Angeles carrying a computer and looking for internet is hot and miserable. We were finally able to connect at the yellow store, but it was so slow, I couldn’t update the blog or check e-mail. After an hour I gave up and went back to the beach for lunch. After lunch it was time to grocery shop and stock up, this will be our last time in the village before we head south.
We left the Bay of LA and headed south for an hour to Quemado. We have been here before and like it. ‘Juniata’ was already anchored, so we joined them.
'Juniata' and 'Just a Minute' at Anchor
Rick has been working on our SSB radio. We have a very low transmission on some channels. He has received a lot of help from fellow cruisers. Today we went around to the next bay to pick up some copper plating from ‘IWA’ to use as grounding. Rick installed it, tested it the next morning on the Net and it helped a lot. People could hear us near and far.
Gizmo Relaxing on Deck
 The next night we had a pizza party on ‘Just a Minute’ with Dave and Marsha from ‘Juniata’. They made so many pizzas we couldn’t eat all of them. I guess they had pizza for breakfast.

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