Monday, October 10, 2011

Puerto Don Juan Sept 28 – Oct 1, 2011

After a brief stop at La Mona for the night, we arrived at Puerto Don Juan, the hurricane hole of the North Sea. This place is surrounded by land so there is no fetch and little wind. There were about 28 boats here for the last party of the year. We had delicious pot luck on the beach and everyone announced where they were going next.
Dinghies and Boats in Puerto Don Juan

The Pot Luck on the Beach

We left the party a little early to help ‘Just a Minute’ beach their boat and wait for the tide to go out. They had some work to do on the props and this is the best place for careening. The tide came in during the night, but with the anchors out, they stayed in place until the tide went out again and they could finish the job. They came off the beach the next afternoon. It sure looked funny seeing that boat on the beach.
'Just a Minute' High and Dry on the Beach
Tomorrow is Saturday, the day vegetables are delivered to the village, so we will head over to do some shopping.

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