Thursday, June 2, 2011

Posada Concepcion – May 27 -31, 2011

We moved up to Posada in the hope of finding the warm springs. We will have to search for them later. For now we are heading into shore to Ana’s Restaurant for cocktails and an early dinner. After a few margaritas, Brenda and I are playing on the VHF calling each other from across the table. We hear someone break in and it’s Eric on Full Shell. We haven’t seen or heard from them since San Juanico, 2 weeks ago. We had been calling them every day, so we were pleasantly surprised. They joined us at Ana’s for more margaritas and it was an adventure getting home.
Ana's Restaurant

Marilyn and Eric arriving

Eric and Marilyn

The next day we all got together and cooked a scallop pasta dinner on Firefly. Delicioso!!

We have had fog in this anchorage every morning but it clears around 11:00. After that it is too hot to search for the warm springs so we will try to find them tonight after we move to the other side of the anchorage.

Rick waiting to find the hot springs

We found the warm springs and they are hot! We went to shore with Ted and Brenda and walked along the beach. Ted found the right spot and we soaked until the bugs came out.

Ted, Brenda and Pam finally found the hot springs

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