Thursday, June 2, 2011

El Burro – May 20 – 22, 2011

The shallow passage on the way to El Burro
Thursday morning we motored further into Concepcion Bay. We took the inside track through a narrow shallow passage between the land and Isla Liebre. We made it with about 5 feet under the keel.  We continued down to Playa El Burro and dropped the anchor in about 16 feet of water.

Rick and I took the dinghy to shore and found Geary who does the weather on the SSB and VHF every morning. His house is right on the beach, he has lived here for about 16 years. There is no internet in this bay but, he told us he was driving into Mulege and we were welcome to hitch a ride. Rick jumped at the chance and accepted the ride, but we needed to go out to the boat for money. Rick picked up Ted and the 2 guys went to town while Brenda and I stayed on the boats. Rick did some banking on the internet and they came back with a lot of groceries and fishing supplies. They bought Geary lunch so it was a good trip.

Geary's Place on the beach

The next day, all four of us decided to go into town, which was about 15 miles. We didn’t have a ride, so we went to the highway and hitched hiked. A guy from El Burro was on his way to church and said he could give a ride part way. He let us out at the Pemex station where we stood in the hot sun for about 30 minutes. A guy from the restaurant across the street was on his way to Mulege with his 2 year old son and gave us a ride to the plaza in town. We wondered around town, used the internet, did some shopping and had a shrimp lunch at a restaurant upstairs with a wonderful breeze. After lunch we all used the phones while we had service. We haven’t had phone reception in a while, so we made a lot of calls. We hired a taxi to take us back to El Burro, we didn’t want to risk hitch hiking in the dark.
On the phones

In the morning we went ashore and had breakfast at Bertha’s then took a long dinghy ride in search of the warm springs. We couldn’t find them so we went back to the boats to move to a new spot deeper in the bay.
Rick, Ted and Brenda at Bertha's

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