Thursday, April 14, 2011

Made it Back to La Paz – March 31 - April 16, 2011

We actually got up at 2:30 in the morning and left by 3am!! Maybe because we went to sleep at 7pm after crossing the sea all night and having a great meal. Anyway, we rattled up the chain and headed north to La Paz. We arrived at our slip in Marina de La Paz about 1:00 in the afternoon. It is good to be back.
Ana, Steve and Rick
We miss you Steve.
We settled in and washed the boat, then headed over to see Ana at Casa Ana. Steve, our good friend and Ana’s husband passed away in his sleep a little over a week ago. Steve was one of a kind and will be missed. Rick swapped e-mails almost daily with Steve.  The jokes they shared and the world problems they solved will leave a void that can’t be filled.  We visited with Ana and her sister Victoria, Cousin Oralia and Carolina. It was good to see them again. Ana and Victoria would be leaving in a few days to drive back to the bay area, so Rick helped them check out the car and get ready to go. That night we made it to the hamburger lady on Abasolo. She makes the best street hot dogs. Yum.
Diana singing

Wednesday night, our favorite band plays at Perico Marinaro. We went with a group of people and listened to Diana sing.

Sailing on 'Gitana'
La Paz Bay Fest started on Thursday and goes through Sunday. Thursday was the sailboat race and Rick and I crewed on Pat’s boat ‘Gitana’. We had a good start and Pat took the inside track hoping to get better wind. It worked until we turned the corner near Costa Baja to head down the final channel where the wind died to nothing. After sitting in one spot for about ½ hour, a wisp of wind picked up and we threw up the spinnaker. We passed one boat without a spinnaker and came close to catching the Swan, a very fast boat. A catamaran was close behind us, but we moved in front of him so he couldn’t pass us. Not sure if that is fair, but what do I know?? We came in second overall and won’t know the adjusted places until Sunday. It was great to race, but I’m glad we were not on our boat. Maybe someday we will race her, but right now she is too heavy.
Pat with the Spinnaker on 'Gitana'

The next day at Bay Fest, we participated in the Dart Tournament and the Mexican Train Domino Tournament. Rick did very good in Darts. He made it to the semi-finalists. I forfeited my Dart game because it was time the Domino Tournament. I came in first at my table with a decent score. This score gets added to the next days game.
Rick playing Darts

Oralia and Pam, ready for Dominos

Sunset in La Paz Marina

Carolina, Pam, Rick, Oralia and John
This was my birthday, so we had a very nice dinner at Palazzo’s with John, Oralia and Carolina. It was a good end to a great day.

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