Sunday, February 20, 2011

South to San Blas – Feb. 17 -18, 2011

It was so foggy in Mazatlan on the morning we planned to leave that the red flag was flying and the port was closed. We waited until about 11:00, it cleared a little, so we took off with 2 other boats (Norte Rev and Yancy) following us south to San Blas. Luckily the fog lifted after a couple hours, just as we were crossing the Mazatlan Port entrance. We met up with one other boat off Stone Island (2 Pieces of 8) and we all sailed together through the night. There was a full moon and calm seas. If you have to cruise at night, this was a perfect night for it.

Foggy in Mazatlan

Near Mazatlan Port and Stone Island


Full Moon on the Sail

Ready to Cross the Bar Into the Estuary
We had planned to anchor in Matachen Bay, but as we were nearing San Blas we heard Tom and Susanne from ‘Be Gone’ on the radio saying they were going over the bar into the estuary to the marina. We decided to follow them in since it was a high tide and calm seas. We had heard it can be tricky getting in here. I’ve seen the YouTube video of boats being knocked down coming in here. I don’t want to go through that! We all made it fine and are at this little marina. Close enough to walk into town. 

The Estuary to San Blas Marina

The Boats in the Marina

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  1. You guys are getting closer. Hopefully, we will meet up again soon!