Friday, February 11, 2011

Shopping in Mazatlan – Feb. 11, 2011

In the Market
Today we rode the bus into the Central Shopping area with a guy we met, Steve on ‘Liquid8’. We ended up at the Mercado, and didn’t buy anything, but found lots of good looking stuff! We had lunch at a great Beach Burger Restaurant that wasn’t on the beach but had great burgers! Next, we hopped another bus and stopped by the Mega store to do some grocery shopping on the way home. One more bus and we made it back to the marina.

The Meat Counter

A Great Lunch Spot


  1. Oh, so happy that you are in Maz, but sorry that we missed you. Enjoy and hope to see you again somewhere along the mainland!

  2. Looks very cool there! Maybe next year we should do a side trip there. Continue to have fun!