Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Marina del Rey – Sept. 24 -26, 2010

Used the dinghy to explore the harbor. Found a hugh sea lion on a dock and the harbor patrol told us to stay away, they attack. Rick found that out in Monterey when he chased one off the dock and it jumped out of the water at him! We spent an afternoon at the pool soaking up the sun. The temperature went from foggy and wet to 100 degrees in a couple of days. I’ll take the heat any day. Sunday was laundry day and boat projects.  Rick moved the anchors around, applied fire hose to stop the dinghy from chaffing, installed a fresh water hose bib at the back of the boat and put the dinghy away for our departure the next morning. We are moving on to Long Beach Harbor Monday  morning.
Marina del Rey from the dinghy

Stay away from this guy!

Finally pool time

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