Thursday, September 9, 2010

Leaving Santa Cruz and Sailing to Monterey

Thanks Diane and Ray. We had fun visiting with you at your great house in Santa Cruz. Thanks for dinner and taking us shopping. Hope to see you in Mexico soon!

Wednesday morning we had breakfast on the boat, then coffee and Rick’s second breakfast at Aldo’s on the pier at the harbor in Santa Cruz. We left to some choppy seas, but put the sails up, shut off the engine and sailed all the way to Monterey. It took about 4 hours to cross the bay. We fueled the boat and headed to the assigned slip. There were two hugh sea lions on the dock waiting for us. At least they jumped off the dock as we tied up so we didn’t have to chase them away.

Checking the weather, we may stay here a few days then head to Stillwater Cove off Pebble Beach on Friday. Then down to San Simeon Saturday. That is the plan for now??

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