Monday, September 13, 2010

Change of Plans! Again..

It was so sunny and warm on Friday morning we left with 2 other boats, Di’s Dream and Full Shell, for Stillwater Cove around the corner. A short 2 hour sail. As we came around the corner the fog rolled in thick and heavy! New plan, head for San Simeon Bay, 90 miles down the coast. We motored sailed in pretty thick fog. Thank God for the chart plotter and radar! The fog lifted a little, but settled back in by nightfall. As we got closer to the anchorage around midnight, we slowed down and stayed closer together. Di’s Dream went in first and dropped the hook. Full Shell followed, and then us. We couldn’t see shore, the pier or any other boats. We just hoped we were in the right area of the anchorage and not to close to the pier. We slept a little. By morning we could see a little better, but it was still foggy. Everything looks good, the anchor is holding. The sun even came out a little. It is a beautiful bay! We’ll stay here another night, then head down to Morro Bay on Sunday Sept. 12. Hopefully, it won’t be in the fog. We have heard it is a tricky entrance.

Di's Dream and Full Shell


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