Sunday, June 2, 2013

May 20 – 23, 2013 Coyote, Concepcion Bay

 After climbing the hill at El Burro, we moved the boats 3 miles into the bay to Playa Coyote. This is the anchorage where we have always seen whale sharks and they were here everyday. We spent a lot of time hanging around with them. Chip from ‘Miss Teak’ and Michael from ‘Milagro’ swam with them.
Anchorage at Coyote

Pam on her 8 1/2 ' kayak. Not sure how big this shark is??

Pam and Rick with the Whale Shark

Chip from 'Miss Teak' Swimming with the Whale Shark
Michael from 'Milagro' Swimming with the Shark. He got hit by the tail.

It was Monday, so we all went to ‘Moontide Monday’. This is a pot luck on the catamaran ‘Moontide’. There were at least 18 people aboard, we even made it into ‘Lectronic Latitudes’. You can see it here.
Even Geary, our trusted weather guru of the Sea of Cortez came to the party.

 'Moontide Monday'

Pot Luck on Moontide

The next morning, Judy, Michael, Rick and I decided to hitch a ride to the nearest town, Mulege. We hung out on Highway 1 for about a half hour before a truck stopped. Keith, Dena and Kelly had been to El Burro to get Kelly’s stingray bite looked at. They gave us a ride to their house in Posada and then into Mulege. We couldn’t believe it when they said they lived in Manteca just off Austin Road. What a small world! While we were in Mulege, we used the internet and phone, then had lunch at Danny’s Taco stand.  Keith gave us a ride all the way back to our dinghies. Great people.

Internet Cafe in Mulege
Downtown Mulege
Lunch at Danny's

More Whale Shark

Up Close Whale Shark Gills
 We spent the next couple of days hanging out with the whale sharks, then it was time to leave Concepcion and head to Santa Rosalia.
Hotel California with the shades up
Gizmo Relaxing

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