Sunday, June 2, 2013

May 18 – 20, 2013 Posada, Concepcion Bay

 Time for another long passage, 51 miles in 9 hours. We left early in the morning and had a great sail part of the way up here. As we turned into Concepcion Bay we came across a large pod of dolphins. I still love taking pictures of them.
Hotel California Sailing North at Sunrise

Milagro and Coral Rose Sailing

Judy's Shot of Dolphins and Hotel California

We anchored at Posada with 5 other boats. That evening we went to Bertha’s Restaurant at Playa El Burro. Dinner was very good. We found the warm springs on Posada beach and made a little too much noise. The next day, we heard from the people in the houses above the springs, they could hear everything we said. Ha Ha.

Anchoring in Playa Posada

The Dinghy Line Up
Cruisers at Bertha's Restaurant

The Dinghy Raft up In Concepcion

Lot's of food and drinks

Pam, Judy, Mark, Rick, Patsy and Joanne

The next night, we planned a dinghy raft up out in the bay. About 10 dinghies showed up with way to much food and drinks. Once it got dark, some of us headed over to the warm springs again. That water is HOT!

Monday morning we decided to climb the hill behind Bertha’s to see the Petroglyphs and the Bell Rocks. We crossed Highway 1 and climbed down into a ravine. It was up hill from there. It wasn’t too far, just over rocks and around cacti. We found plenty of Petroglyphs and rang the bell rocks.

Petroglyphs on the Rocks

John ringing a Bell Rock. Sounded like a church bell.

Judy, Mark and Pam

El Burro from the hill
Paul creating our whale
Gayle and Paul in their casa
Rick watching Paul work
On the way back we thought we were going to the teinda in Coyote, but it wasn’t open. But, we did get to visit Paul the glass blower. He demonstrated how he makes his designs. It was amazing! Of course we had to buy a few. Stop by the purple house on the hill and say hi to Paul and Gayle if you’re in the area.

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