Thursday, November 8, 2012

Refugio – Sept 12 – 23, 2012

Wednesday, we headed out of the Bay of LA and north to Refugio. We came through the narrow passage and into the middle anchorage about 2:30. We were the only boat there and had a slightly rolly  night.
With all the rain, the hills have gotten very green.
The next day we moved into the west anchorage with 3 other boats and it was much calmer. We spent 11 nights here. A lot of boats came and went in that time. We did a lot of snorkeling, fishing, playing cards and eating. We love our time in Refugio.
We went diving at Fang Rock.
Lions Paws!!!!

Cooking the Scallops

One day went with Casey and Annie in the dingies out to Isla Granito to see the sea lion colony that lives there. There were hundreds of them. The bulls were loud and the babies were cute. We did not get in the water with them!
Annie and Casey

Sea Lions sunning on the beach.

Sea Lions coming into the water to chase the dinghy.
Baby Sea Lions

We were running low on supplies so it was time to head back south to the Bay of LA.

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