Friday, November 16, 2012

Ensanada La Galllina – Oct. 31- Nov. 1, 2012

Tuesday morning, we left Calita Partida and went around the corner to Ensanada La Gallina, a little cove on Espiritu Santo. We spent one night here before heading into La Paz. On the way over to La Paz we met up with our friends Dale and Deana on Double Dharma. They were on their way south from the San Francisco Bay area, so we went into Marina de La Paz together. Great timing! 
Our Safety Stop
 On the way in, we were once again boarded by the Mexican Navy for a safety stop. Two officers came aboard. One to do the paperwork and one with a gun, I guess he was the guard. No problem, they were aboard about 10 minutes, then headed over to Double Dharma for their welcome to La Paz.
The Guard with the Gun

The Rest of the Crew


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