Thursday, November 25, 2010

Ensenada Grande, Isla Partida Nov. 21-23, 2010

We picked up the weights and tank on Saturday, did more provisioning and left La Paz Sunday morning to meet up with Dragons Toy and a few other boats at a cove called Ensenada Grande on the north end of Isla Partida. We heard a northern was coming in so we wanted to get as far north as possible. If we needed to come south, it would be easier. On the way up there we talked to another boat that was up there and they left because it was too rolly at night. It was really a nice anchorage and we got tucked in close to shore, we rolled a bit, but it wasn’t to bad. Tom and Cary came over for dinner and we played dominos. The next night, we went to their boat and played Mexican Train. Tom was the big winner. We need a rematch.
We left the anchorage on Tuesday morning because I was expecting a phone call that afternoon and there was no cell coverage that far out. We weren’t sure how far we’d have to go, but found coverage in Bahia San Gabriel at the south end of Isla Espiritu Santo.
Rick diving on the anchor

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