Friday, November 5, 2010

Cabrillo Isle Marina – San Diego Oct. 15 – 25, 2010

We’ve spent 10 days at the Cabrillo Isle Marina with a lot of other Ha Ha boats. More came in everyday. We completed a lot of projects with many trips to West Marine, Dinghy Doctor, Downwind Marine, grocery stores and any other type of store we could find. We rented a car and used it every day.

Mike Emmirick and his sister Janet came to visit us in the marina one rainy afternoon. He sounds like he would really like to be sailing south. Mike, we’ll see you down south sometime soon, let us know when you are coming.

Marsha arrived on Wednesday to help with the provisioning. Steve showed up on Friday. Michael and Patty also arrived Friday morning. We all went to the Brigantine Restaurant to watch the Giants win the Pennant, Go Giants.

Rick bought a new Rocna anchor so he could sleep better at night. He sold the delta, so now we are back down to 3 anchors. We also bought a fender step to make it easier to get on the boat. I bought gray mesh to make shades/screens around the cockpit. I‘ve finished 4 of the 7, I hope I have enough material to finish. Rick also bought fishing gear, we’ll see how that goes since we don’t know how to fish. We bought huge dinghy wheels from the Dinghy Doctor. It took a day and a half for Rick to install these. We are told these are the ones to use to get the dinghy up on the beach. Hope they work because they look terrible on the dinghy.

Sunday afternoon was the Baja Costume party at West Marine. We picked up our Swag bag full of goodies and bought more hats and t shirts.

San Diego weather wasn’t much nicer than the rest of the coast, just no fog and a few sunny days. Still hoping it warms up as we go south. Monday morning at 9:30 we’ll leave the slip to head out to the starting line. 11:00 is the starting time. Hope the weather clears, but they are calling for clouds and rough seas. Oh well, we’ll be heading out for a 3 day ride. Next stop, Turtle Bay, 350 miles down the coast.

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